Effortless effort

! Oh, my God! Another wonderful day!

I wake up feeling like every cell in me

With cries of passion and magic he exclaims:



I have dreams and projects of great fun

They keep me in constant motion

Always turning to expansion

Making me burst into sublime feelings…


At four o’clock in the morning I get up

Eager to read wise words more and more

I deeply enjoy the full hours

Hard work and much more!


I share with intense joy

And with my heart I listen

Deep-inspired fill me

When others share their experiences with me


Now the darkness of the night has been installed

Surprising me with your “premature” visit

In deep gratitude I allow you to caress me

While my body rests very calmly


And so, my every second alive

Without allowing “just pass”

But grateful I live it intensely

Smiling, no matter what.


Suddenly I realize

That my project at that time

It is now fully and fully realized

An object I can touch all the time


“My God, how did this happen?

How did it take place early?

“The answer is clear: “Because you’ve lived in the Now all this time!”



So with effortless effort and without a list of “things to do”

I find myself sailing on the Ship of Life

Making sure my priority is at all times

The simple fact of living with Passion and Magic in a Prayer of Joy!


Glory  Beléndez–Ramirez

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