Happiness is contagious!

Indeed we humans are walking miracles

Welcome back to staying happy!


Welcome back to this Happinizing Platform, in which I am so eager to share with you how it is that my constant endorphinated state gives me the support to endure “challenge attacks” in order to stay in the gratitude mode, happy, assuring in this way the continuous gush of endorphins, the chemical responsible for me to stay clear, calm and content.

If you want to see the scientific side of staying happy, there are many articles that you can google… I prefer to stay in our inner technology, which  Source provided us with when we were so perfectly created; now let us naturally simply follow the “I feel good” GPS.

Let me describe you my today…join me in this happy ride, no matter what!


Starting my day thanking Source for yet another happy,  wonderful day!

My daily happinizing ritual

Swimming in Gratitude

It is my daily practice to get up at 5 am, dedicating 5 hours, until 10 am, to myself, doing the following activities:

  • Meditation
  • Swimming in the sea
  • Preparing for a hearty breakfast
  • Reading what my heart enjoys
  • Going to the gym
  • Observing and speaking to nature…

All these things make me feel content and grateful, helping me to start my day swimming in gratitude…

IMG_2548 copy

At the beach at sunrise, feeling awe while being surrounded by amazing construcions here in Dubai…. just 30 years ago all this was JUST SAND! 

Indeed we humans are walking miracles…including YOU!

My first meeting…successfully provoking more endorphins

I had a noon meeting here in Dubai; I was eager to meet a CEO Clubs fellow member, so happy to share projects.

Arriving to the iconic Jumeirah Beach hotel in itself was a very gratifying event. More so when I got to hear about Izzat’s amazing projects, directed to provide the community with great services which are fun and innovative.

 Izzat Rustom, CEO of Dubai Exotic Limo planning the next event

My endorphins tank was being filled rapidly, provoking a great base for brainstorming, setting the GPS to the “It feels good” direction.

Endorphinated, even the visit to the dentist is fun!

Armed with a huge sense of accomplishment filled by the sensation of contentment, I went to Michaels Dental Clinic to continue a treatment.
As usual, I was greeted by the receptionists who are so beautiful and relaxed that you don’t feel like you are in a doctor’s clinic: fresh fruit, tea, coffee, water bottles, all under the magical effect of soothing music that was more and more filling my endorphin tank.

 Ohhh… how much we laughed!

Waiting for my turn to enter the X-ray room, I had a chance to observe mindfully the great details around me:
  • Impeccable cleanliness
  • Colorful small furniture for kids, with tempting creative toys to entertain them
  • Greenery behind the ceiling to floor windows making us feel like in a garden…

How I was feeling grateful to be in such a caring environment!

As I had a panoramic X-ray taken, my jolly-always-more-endorphinated state made me become even more appreciative of the people behind such high tech!
How many hours of research were behind these amazing machines? How many sleepless nights…thank you! 

The doctor, born in Denmark, was so kind and direct to the point.

He asked me seriously however gently if I was ready to take care of my implants with much seriousness and commitment so that he could take his decision as to what was best to do in my case, upon my answer.

Dr. Sorenson, amazingly honest and professional

In such endorphinated state, my next meeting can only be successful!

After this very joyful dental visit, I went to my 5 pm appointment at the Mall of the Emirates destined to partner with yet one more CEO Clubs fellow member, Qabas, creating the joint workshop Clean your mess, be your Happiness.

With skilful and caring Qabas, who runs Riforma

Qabas, a very skillful motivational consultant had literally blown my mind away in one of her presentations; now I was so eager to deliver an event which allowed the audience to find the own skills and vision by constructing the ideas with the use of LEGOS, not pen and paper.

I cannot express just how happy I was feeling, realizing that my creativity level was storming along with Qabas.

Yes, yes, yes! Together we create better!!

My overflowing enforphins tank allows me only to appreciate

With a complete workshop plan and date, I headed towards the DU telephone company to solve an issue with my cellphone. So grateful for the events spent through the day, all I wanted to do was appreciate everything around me,  so instead of feeling like complaining, I was in the mood to appreciate all the services that we are provided with!

And that feeling is so contagious that everyone around me seemed to want to please me! Fact which was proven in what happened next:  I was waiting for my turn, smiling within myself, when a kind voice interrupted me saying:

“What is your turn number Miss?

I felt so taken care of! I showed him my token and he took me to an associate.

My eyes became even shinier as I saw the Beautiful smile of Hanan, a young Egyptian who showered me with her innocent and sincere smile.

IMG_2594 (1)
Delicate, kind, resilient and skillful, this lovely lady solved my problem, no matter what!

We had some issues that kept me there for a good hour. However nothing that she could not do.

As I parted, I felt I didn’t really want to leave…

Can I hug you?” I said naturally…

Sure!” she said as she sprung out of her counter making me feel her warmth and kindness…

Now I was hungry. However the gratitude level filling my endorphin container more and more kept on and on making me feel like floating.

Big smiles appeared in my heart as I parted with Angie.

Walking towards the mall I decided: “Today I will give me the not-so-common treat of a hamburger.”

Remembering my childhood days, I walked towards the food court.

On the way, I passed by the snow skiing ⛷ facilities in the mall, a desertic area that only 30 years ago was ALL SAND…

More appreciation…more endorphins…happiest-est!

Totally amazed by the brilliant capacity of the human beings…a result of teamwork!

Wooowww. What 😮 amazing creatures human beings are!

My endorphins tank by now was absolutely full, now bursting as I asked a pass-byer to please take a photo of this proof of human engineering…
“What a miracle we are!” I said within me, almost in tears, seeing this view for the one thousand and one time and yet feeling the same joy as when I had seen it the first time!

Now I can only see the positive, even in the negative!

Mrs. Hunger “woke me up” so I continued walking towards the food court, spotting a famous hamburger 🍔 shop that has the “healthy” etiquette.

The almost-all Filipinos smiling faces at the counter of Shake Shack seemed like a fiesta to me, who was endorphinated to the max at this point…

I went to the service station with my still steaming delight with the intention of adding ketchup on it…  as I pressed on the pertinent dispenser, SURPRISE!

The ketchup decided to take life of its own and sprinkle me with enormous enthusiasm.

Laughing at the scene and careful that my lovely hand painted dress would not be tinted with its red colors, I bursted in Laughter, asking the worried attendant if my dress had been targeted.

“No, it’s not” he said, diligently bringing me paper napkins to clean “the mess”.

Happiest as I was, the endorphinating condition of my brain continued to be “on my side”…allowing me to clearly see the bright side ONLY.

Watching the table and my serving arm stained with this red sauce,  I continued to laugh, imagining the scene…happy that my hand painted Sindashi dress was intact in all its beauty and color.

Thanking the three Filipinos that had now come to my rescue, I proceeded to finally quiet my stomach and quench my hunger.

In so doing I saw three young kids who most probably had come alone to the movies.

One of them seemed not to have money to buy himself something to eat, so he was just looking at the other two savour their fried potatoes.

I kept on observing hoping that his inquisitive look would soften the other two who didn’t seem to have any intention to share, much more so because the youngest of the three didn’t seem to have the courage to ask

At that point I saw how finally he was offered ONE piece.

I felt relieved. However seeing the I-am-still-hungry face of my new little friend (although he didn’t know I was observing him…), I felt the need of doing something without embarrassing him.

I went to one of the Filipinos that had helped me minutes before, telling her the story…

Without saying a word she went to the counter and got a half portion of fries.

The three boys were already leaving the place…however she went after them giving this young boy the precious still-steaming fries.

I could see from my table how the boy was at first reluctant to take them…but to my joy, he finally took them, making us all so happy!

Ahhhhh… more endorphins were gushed into my system as I felt intense joy and relief.

Not waiting even for a second, I wiped my hands and walked over to the attendant, opening my arms wide to hug her.

“Wow! Thank you so much for what you just did!!” I said as we both hugged.

Naturally and warmly we hugged in such a happy hug 🤗 that the rest of the staff also was naturally sprinkled with happiness, just like minutes before the ketchup had sprinkled me with redness…

“I just felt how you were paining so I did something about it…” she said sincerely.

Deeply touched by her kind answer, she gave me no time to comment saying:

I know how that kid feels because I grew up like that, not having anything” Angie said.

I hugged her again, telling her how I was touched by the way she took action to RELIEF ME!

She put me in first place, and then the little boy… and finally herself, satisfying her joy for serving others…how could this be possible?
My mind went rapidly back to the scene in which Ketchup Attack had gotten me instant allies. I realized that Angie had seen the scene and had rejoiced at my vibrant positive reaction.
So, feeling attracted by my humor and positivity, she was just “paying back and paying forward...”
Ahhhh…hugging and laughing I asked for a photo, including the 2-3 attendants that were around us.
Happiness escalating, all of a sudden other attendants appeared wanting to be in the picture.

I started to distribute my happiness stickers with so much joy, as I heard “I want one, too!” here and there.

Happiest to share the stickers I reached into my bag to get more.

Angie summoned us all to stand in front of the counter in order to include the “behind-the-scenes” colleagues.

Inclusivity… ahhh…

Now a customer offered to take the picture so that we all could be part of it.

And that is when my heart  started singing:

“Be happy and stay happy, no matter what, no matter what, NO MATTER WHAAAAATTT!!”

I asked the customer to please take a video…which I now can share with you… yeyyy!!

Angie to my right in wide open arms… stickers still in their hands. Philippinos are truly the smile of Dubai!

With a bright no matter what in wide open arms, Angie gave me more than she can ever imagine.

Thank you Angie…

Feeling soooo happy, I had to continue this fiesta, so I called my friends to continue the party.

And so, the celebration continued…

Would you like to join? Or start your own?

Sharing makes us happy naturally

My only way to pay the price for so much joy is to share with you.

At this point I don’t know how many of you will have the time to read to the end this experience.
However even if it is only you, and you will smile and feel how it is gratitude that guides our path to health, wealth and wellbeing, that will be good enough for me.

Sharing happiness one smile at a time…

Now you will want to smile, endorphinating your body in the process, becoming contagious… being part of the happiness explosion that is the path to world peace.

How can you always stay happy?

Many times people have told me how in times of confusion they ask themselves “what does Gloria do to stay happy?” as they recall an experience we lived together, finding relief in their path to taking action.

One key is to know that feeling contraction is part of happiness. It is in the how you look at challenges where you will find your sweet comfort. That safety space where you can just be and relax.

Happiness is the art of staying grateful especially in times of challenge.

So if you choose to look at that challenge from the perspective of kindness and learning, you will be securing the gushing of the precious endorphins, provoking that constant state of happiness.


So what do you choose?

Whether Valentine’s Day or a challenging day, decide to be happy and stay happy no matter what.

Choose endoprhinization by staying grateful no matter what!

You will be happy that you did.


See you next March 1!! 

With more happinizing experiences that will endorphinate you and me!

I still don’t know where I will be, but I do know that I will be happy, because I have already chosen that I will die alive.


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Together we happinize better!

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