Happy? why?

In difficult times I have the great opportunity to exercise the muscle of gratitude.


It is at this time of challenge and consideration, during which we feel contraction, that our ability to thank is put to the test.


I like to compare these difficult times during which we feel anxious or uneasy (usually from stories that we place ourselves in our experience) with a rose garden that is being fertilized. Of course no one likes the fetid smell of fertilizer! However, we all know that after a few days the smell will be gone and the soil will have been enriched… and as a result, the roses will bloom in all their splendor.


I have noticed that the more we show gratitude at the moment, the faster the challenges will pass, since the calm in which we find ourselves will allow us to see the different possible solutions, and we will walk more confidently in the most indicated direction.


Decidir ser felíz y mantenerse felíz PASE LO QUE PASE es el camino más corto a sentirte en contacto con tu Orígen, en total armonía y gratitud.

Deciding to be happy and to stay happy WHAT happens is the shortest way to feel in touch with your Origin, in total harmony and gratitude.

And as if by magic, in some way, our innate powers are magnified, and out of nowhere, a new force emerges, and a new consciousness enriches us.

At such times, what works most for me is simply RESPIRAR and recognize who is breathing me….

And as I listen to the majestic sound of my own breath, I simply know that it is our Creator who is breathing us ALL at this very moment, and that we are all breathing, no matter where in the world, day or night, the SAME air. And being aware that all beings that inhabit the planet are breathing the same air at the same time, I feel accompanied… never again alone.

How to feel lonely or lonely? Impossible? Just SE that I am part of the whole, never alone, never separated… Ahhhhh…

So I relax my shoulders, and I say to myself: Breathe love, expire peace

Breathe in love, and breathe out peace

Breathe love, peace expires

Breathe peace, health expires

Breathe in health, expires

Breathe joy and express gratitude…

I feel gratitude in every square inch of my body

And as I inhale again, I feel my cello smile

And while all my being smiles in total ecstasy I just share my happiness ALL PULMON!

Be happy   Be Happy And Stay Happy PASE WHAT HAPPENS! PASE WHAT HAPPENS!

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