He would not exist



Dubai, an Emirate that is the result of if you CAN, the Would NOT EXIST!


The Would would be a parasite in our minds, which we bring ourselves when we want to prove ourselves that we are a failure… we whip each other, we punish ourselves… this may come from our childhood, when a kindergarten teacher yelled to us, “If you’d warned you wanted to wipe your hands, you wouldn’t have gotten dirty!” … or at home: “If you’d told me your stomach hurt, I’d have medicated you in time!” …


These kinds of comments, in addition to not being useful at all, are just reproaches. If we had been told:

-“Don’t worry, I’ll clean your little hands. Just for the next time let us know and you’re done!”

-“ayy… I imagine you’re in a lot of pain in your little belly for your little face. Don’t worry, right now we give you a hot bath… and although I hope that your tummy never hurts again, if you start to feel pain, just tell me, and we take immediate action.


Reproach is a kind of lament, based on a lack of self-love and clarity. Just take action, after you’ve taken full responsibility for what happened to you, and learn from the mistake.


What peace …The Had gone!

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