I decide to be happy every day

Sometimes the worry that wakes us up in the morning

It makes us feel like we don’t have enough time to breathe

There are so many things we have to achieve

That we try to hurry by stopping breathing


We deny ourselves the time to enjoy

A good meal that health and joy will give us

Or look at the sun and thank you to say:

“I love you, ” while his warmth in our skin we feel.


Because we think we’re in a hurry

We also forgot to hear the birds sing

Those who are eternally sharing without consultation

The Higher Truth: Living Without Any Worry


We think the life movie we’re watching

It’s, in fact, our true Life Drama

Until one day we realize that we’re just watching

And that our true Self is just an Observer of Life


Then we realize

That all we have is the moment we’re at.

And all of a sudden we feel completely free

Just enjoy, be happy and just be.

Es siempre un gran placer tener una charla conmigo misma

It is always a great pleasure to have a chat with myself

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