Impeccable language. There is no but that is worth!


Immense power of the word. To be impeccable with your words is not to use them against yourself and against others.


Let us become aware of what happens when in the midst of a situation of complacency we insert the word “Pero” .

No “but” worth


When we say the place is beautiful ” pero“… we are giving prominence or focus on the negative; we’re giving him a choice; we insert the doubt, and even worse, the denial to enjoy the present moment to the  ” dirty” happiness by images we create in our own mind!


So our first step towards conquering happiness and staying in it is to avoid this word in our language. Let  keep the garden clean  from our mind.


When you are motivated with positive thinking, don’t prick your  fe bubble and  joy with the sharp tip of  BUT.

Be Happy.


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