It’s always possible!


Good morning from Dubai!


It is a pleasure for me to greet you from this Emirate, strong proof that you can always. 


Dubai and his Emir, our beloved Sheikh Mohammed, are a tangible illustration of the power of power.


For those who visit us from today, I warmly welcome you to this platform of


We started last May 8 with this course “The Language of a Happy Life“, consisting of 7 viruses and their antidotes according to my life experience.


Nothing I share with you is “mine”. It is simply cosmic wisdom, available to everyone. I only focused on my life experience: how I came out of the “poor of my” that made me fall into sickness, lack and discomfort; and as I returned to the “grandiosa de mi“, resetting from  a natural and effortless way health, abundance and well-being.


Today it’s our turn to talk about the virus I can’t and its antidote can always be.


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Well, let’s get to work.



It’s poder?


It is to allow the Immense Force of Life that Creates in Constant Movement to guide you placidly in the waters of Gratitude and the ship of the Gentile.

When you are connected to you mism@ and the Creator, miracles happen if you allow it…


 And being in the here and now you’ll be in a degree to be with you mism@


Communication with you mism@ gives you the clarity necessary to understand that you are not sol@… and that anything is possible … There’s nothing you can’t be, have or do…


How did I find my power?


First and foremost, it’s basic to want to find this power that we all carry inside.


I remember when I felt like the poor ugly doll, throw in the corner fearful that someone would see me as the song  The Poor Fea Doll says Mexican composer CriCri, el Grillito Cantor, I did not know I was living under the influence of ” Poor My“! I just knew I was living in a state of anxiety that made me feel pain in my belly. this prevented me from breathing freely so it gave me sinusitis; But I’m not staying here,.. Thanks to this constant tension, my sleep habits were unbalanced accompanied by nightmares, making it easier for me to give epilepsia


I didn’t know what world I was living in. There was no one to say to me “Hey! You’re not the poor ugly doll! You are Gloria, perfect and powerful creation!!”


So I couldn’t want to leave where I didn’t know it was in...


However, in my early teens something happened that let me know that there was more to be living in a state of craving… and that’s when I WANTED to get out of that dark, victimized world… something that allowed me to feel a little better…


Now that I could feel that there was another way out, the way to “I feel a little better”, I could wish to know more about this new condition…


Now I wanted to get out of the dark and sad world I was in… I knew I now had an option to choose!


Now if it was obvious. I needed that change. It was then that I began to observe Mother Nature with other eyes. I always sat at home, in the arms of Mother Nature.


That life force that creates in constant motion that created us made me feel deeply that there was something else… that complaining and criticizing wasn’t going to help me in the least.


Now I saw clearly that listening rather than criticizing, appreciating me rather than judging me would help me find myself.


So, I went down a new path. The one of wanting to walk... not knowing the immense eternal  and wonderful adventure that awaited me… a fantastic adventure that I continue to live and I know that I will continue to live until my last breath…


Now I was aware of wanting to have a basis for reinforcement; at that time I would not have been able to make it clear as now, to pass them with all my affection:


  • Eating nurturing me in a balanced way
  • Sleep to Sufficiency
  • Exercise my body with thanks
  • Appreciate and appreciate your neighbour
  • Apply acts of kindness
  • Constant meditation, in everything I do
  • Listen to people you admire in the form of video, audio or reading


Now I was open to the idea that Neighbor was not against me. I was already beginning to see that they were not Moors with tranchete but people like me, with their own dreams and ideas, even if they were different.


Understanding this is that I started POWER. Simply powered.


  • Being able to see me in the mirror without judging me… I could now appreciate myself!
  • Being able to focus on the miracle that are my eyes, which you can see;
  • Being able to impress me at the miracle that are my ears that can distinguish between the voice of my mother who called me to eat and that of the water that was running when I washed my hands…
  • Being able to admire my nose, which I would have despised before because I was as big as my father… now if I could understand the perfection it was to be able to inhale the oxygen that sent to my lungs so that I could live. Live…


Now I could…


And you can also… If you want…


It doesn’t have to be something huge. Start with small things so that feel what power is. To make you feel like the si! in your heart. The si, if which is full of possibilities that make you feel what we all are: CREATORS.


Once you have felt this feeling of what power is in the purest sense of the word, without overshadowing it with the “I can’t” virus, let’s look at this situation.



Antidote Always Can


Our young protagonist is perfectly convinced that he will pass his exam. He is already enjoying his trip to Dubai where he plans to pursue his university studies. You are already enjoying visiting the city with its famous buildings unique in the world. She feels grateful and blessed…


Thanks to you teachers and parents I will be studying at the university of my choice: Dubai!



What’s going on in your brain?


Pensar positivo (agradecido) te hace generar imagenes que te impulsan a lograr lo que te propones porque lo ves ya realizado...

Positive thinking (grateful) makes you generate images that drive you to achieve what you set yourself because you see it already done…


  • When it comes to feeling the calm generated by her conviction that everything will be fine, thanking her teachers and parents for all the efforts they made to support her in her studies, the brain of our protagonist captures the sense of well-being.
  • So the brain gives the order for the body to produce endorphins, the happiness hormone.
  • And so her whole body relaxes and clearly sees all those possibilities that lead her to the manifestation of her dreams.
  • You know it’s “bread”. There is no doubt that you can always.



The I can’t!

Tomasa is presenting its final exam. His future is at stake. If you do not pass this exam you will not be able to enjoy your trip abroad that you had so excitedly prepared to continue your studies in Dubai… she imagines she won’t be able to do it, and she is left petrified without being able to give the answers in the examination because of the anguish she is feeling. He can’t breathe well, he feels like crying. But she can’t even cry anymore. He knows he still has an hour to finish his exam, but he can’t concentrate anymore. Feel your head starting to hurt and you feel dizzy.

If you are under the effect of fear you will always see Moors with tranchete…



What’s going on in your brain?



Negative thinking enslaves you to bad moods, judge and criticize…


    • The craving you are feeling makes you feel a growing anguish.
    • Cannot control your emotions as the body does not respond to you.
    • This feeling is interpreted by the brain as a danger, and with its magical precision it commands the cortisol (stress hormone) you need to escape or defend yourself from… your negative thoughts!
    • The brain doesn’t know if it’s a lion that’s going to attack it or if it’s just your thoughts. He’s just doing his job.




If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you’re usually right.


You think?


What do you think? Or rather … feel?


I would like to suggest that instead of thinking you would feel better…


Are you afraid? Do you feel gratitude?


Fear (false experience that seems real) will certainly freeze you and make you enter the inability to get you to take action towards your vision.


Instead  gratitudewill no doubt make you enter the world of compassion and gentleness, touching your inner self, connecting with our Creator. Now you know that you are an instrument in the hands of the Creator, motorized by your values and your gifts.



What do you choose?


I’d love you to enrich us with your feedback.


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Call to Action:


To become more clear in your capabilities, it’s important to create a routine that helps you foster constructive habits:
  • Strengthen your muscle of gratitude, consciously moving only to situations that make you feel good
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway!!!
  • Being disciplined with sleep, eating and exercise while appreciating your senses
  • Appreciate daily, morning and night
  • Appreciate others
  • Replace reviews by appreciation
  • Replace judgment and listen instead
  • Smile and laugh as much as you can


Next July 15 we’ll take care of virus Deberias and its antidote Listen!


This virus is the biggest cause of divorces…


Listen and discover your language of a happy life!


Mean in the meantime, please receive my best wishes for a happy every breath…


Y to keep celebrating!


Gloria  Happy


Illustrations by Angelica Papio and Gloria Belendez-Ramirez

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