Just Being. The Retreat

Welcome back home!


It is a great pleasure to greet you again on this happy platform.


We started last May with the “The language of a happy life“, and then we continue with the program “Internal Technology, what is going on in my brain?“, sharing in detail how I have been, also through the internet, helping others successfully to decide to be happy and stay happy even in the most challenging moments.


Now it’s time to announce the retreat that will take place at Villas Xichu this next December 15-17; The time has come to share and experience together this skill that we all have to remember how powerful we are.


Come and enjoy three wonderful days at San Miguel de Allende, Magic Village
Heart of Mexico. Enjoy a well-deserved rest that will make you listen to yourself and recognize your true inner strength.



Se. Withdrawal


If being busy with being-busy generates enough results to achieve your challenging goals, try now simply to be …
You’ll be surprised, you’ll flow beyond than you can imagine as you shine in total harmony.




About Facilitator Gloria


“I will die alive. I will never live dead again …”


The Mexican Gloria describes herself as a great dreamer, mother, daughter, interpreter, happiness consultant, happiness ambassador, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, lover, wife and friend (also yours) who being completely out of the head, lives walking on the path of heart in NOW.


Having lived in personal confusion for the first 15 years of her life, the anguish in which she lived caused her body to become ill, convinced that she was a loser for no reason to live.


Currently his passion is to incite the projimo a that he decides to be happy and stays happy no matter what.

Gloria insists  in that this can be achieved only by contagion, and not by teaching or preaching, but only by example.


Gloria explains, through stories and personal experiences, how she came out of a life full of anguish to enter a life of intense inner peace following an experience that made her awaken, reminding her that we are happiness itself; this led her to just be, and simply flow, provoking a creative lifestyle beyond any expectation:


  •   At the age of 15 she had a revelation that led her to understand that she was living in el ” Poor Me”, provoking an unhealthy lifestyle based on fear and longing
  • At the age of 16, she was guided to the path of gratitude and appreciation towards what she now understood was a divine gift: her body, realizing that the beauty of Mother Nature also resided in her
  • At the age of 16, he freed himself from the disease through thoughts based on gratitude and appreciation, returning to what is for every human being our natural state: health, wealth and well-being
  • At the age of 18, I was living in Europe learning languages
  • At the age of 21, he achieved economic independence by supporting his studies in Japanese Language and Psychology in Tokyo, Japan
  • At the age of 23 he founded Globel Worldwide Interpreting Services in Dusseldorf, Germany (by then speaking 6 languages)
  • At the age of 29 he reached his goal of speaking 10 languages at the age of 30
  • At the age of 29 she met her beloved husband Ibrahim and married him a month later. continuing to be happily married from the first moment
  • At 38 and 40 years old became a mom
  • At the age of 42 he founded, unknowingly, what is now the Holistic Center for Happiness Villas Xichu in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  • At the age of 58 she became a writer, speaker, happiness consultant and happiness ambassador, also settling in Dubai
  • At the age of 58 he became a member of the board of CEO Clubs in Dubai
  • At the age of 63, you received the CEO award Burj as the global ambassador for happiness in the prestigious  The Dorchester Hotel in London, England
  • March 17-24, 2018, the Holistic Center for Happiness, Villas Xichu will celebrate the Happiness Fest and Just Retreat Be founded by Luis Gallardo, founder of the first World Happiness Summit in Miami in 2017.


Gloria is in constant gratitude, seeing only the extraordinary in everything “ordinary” that surrounds her.


Gloria knows that you too, with the help of what she calls the Interior Technology, you can provoke the lifestyle of your dreams; in doing so, knowing that your dreams are non-negotiable, you will become an active agent of an epidemic of happiness, shaving wars naturally by always being in a state of compassion, tolerance and inclusivity.


Simply being.




Set Vision


What is happiness?


Happiness is the ability to decide to be grateful especially in times of adversity.


Who is this withdrawal for?


This retreat is intended for the Earthling in you who wishes to remember to be happy 😀 following in the footsteps of nature; she has already decided to be happy; she is our greatest teacher by her own example.



The human body

Your body is the temple of your soul

  • We Earthlings have the option to decide
  • As such, the only and most important possession we have is our body
  •   Without a body we are not Earthlings; we are not of Mother Earth. Therefore, in this retreat we will place a very strong emphasis on the role of our body in our choice of happiness



The soul


A “Drop” font inside you…


  • Perfecting your ability to be in a state of gratitude is essential
  • Gratitude is the ability to feel reverence for that life force that Creates in constant movement
  • Appreciation is applied gratitude
  • Applied gratitude has a direct effect on the human brain through automatic secretion of endorphins every time you are in the feeling “I feel good… Thank you Divine Providence…”
  • Gratitude can be developed at will
  • Applied kindness, compassion, tolerance, joy are all consequences of feeling grateful; are the vehicles to develop your sense of gratitude




The Four Pillars of Happiness Retreat


Pillar One
Decide to be happy


Preparing your body to choose happiness


  • Consciously choose what you ingest while nourishing your body with intense appreciation
  • Duerme enough knowing that your body is rejuvenated during a well-deserved break
  • Move your body consciously appreciating the unconditional service it provides at all times
  • Hydrate your body knowing that the best water is the one you respect (Dr. Masaru Emoto)
  • Listen to music relaxing you, with peace-and-pleasant lyrics or Beethoven or Mozart
  • Watch comedy movies that make you laugh and put you in a good mood
  • Visit your friends, celebrate with your family, socialize while sharing and achieve goals together



Preparing soul-body balance to choose happiness


  • Choose a ritual that makes you feel in the Present Moment: reading, meditating, walking in nature…
  • Choose a specific time of day to “talk to yourself” consistently
  • Surround your space with sounds, smells and visual effects that make you feel good
  • Wear comfortable, unscathed clothing during your ritual
  • Smile
  • Date permission to be 100% present. Remember that investing in you is the best investment you can make in your life!




Choose Happiness: Recognize Where You Are


No correct or wrong Different only.

  • Do you really want to be happy?
  • Do you really want to feel ✌️ peace, harmony and satisfaction?
  •  Do you want to feel a sense of belonging?
  •  Do you want to have fun and celebrate your life?
  •  Are you busy alone while busy?
  • Anxiety, stress, illness, deficiency, fear are constantly in your living room?
  • Are you blaming, criticizing, judging, feeling that life is unfair?
  •  Do you crave what you don’t have and don’t appreciate what you have?



The language of a happy life


  • Note the way you talk by following the destination on your internal GPS “I feel good”
  • Avoids viruses language of a happy life that make you feel bad (fear effect)
  • Apply antidotes as the best tools to get you to life of your choice in the direction of “I feel good”. Not your spouse, your parents, your friends. YOUR PREFERENCE
  • Activates awareness of internal technology: live under fear and you will cause the stress hormone to constantly poison you; live under gratitude and you will provoke the release of the hormones from happiness to send you to your natural state: to health, wealth and well-being.


Pensamientos felices, vida feliz! Happy thoughts, happy life!


Abrazar es vida. Abrázate tu también! Hugging is life. Hug yourself too!



  • Allows physical contact to join others and vice versa
  • Now that you use only antidotes when you speak, you have remembered that you are happiness itself


Pilar dos
Keeping you happy


Realize at all times the miracle that we are all.

  • Appreciate that you didn’t exist before being conceived. And time you’re 100% here in all your magnificence
  • Before bed and when you get up, relax and thank you deeply at your present moment, appreciating your amazing body for the unconditional services it gives you at all times
  • Remember what acts of kindness you did during the day before bed. If it doesn’t come to mind, get up and do something kind
  • Wake up at 5 a.m. carefully thanking every part of your body for one more day of life, enjoying the services provided in such an unconditional way
  • Manipulate your brain to produce endorphins by getting as involved as much as possible on the positive side of things, especially in challenging times
  • Using indoor technology, libte naturally of any guilt or victim feelings



<When you understand the greatness of the Creator, you know that all his Creation is love and light ... and self-love overwhelms you


When you allow the love of the Source to permeate your Divine Gift (body) by conversing with yourself in admiration, kindness, and gratitude 🙏 automatically remember that you are happiness itself.

Galardoneada en Londres?




Pilar three
Be happy no matter what!


Everything is perfect as it is and everyone is good

  •   Now your morning and night rituals keep you connected and constantly appreciated  (Reverence to our Creator)
  • Now you constantly wonder in challenging times: what’s going on in my brain? Am I producing endorphins?
  • Now you know that everything is perfect as it is
  • Now you know that everyone is good just like you and me, allowing you to have an excellent relationship with everyone
  • Now you know that remembering that you’re happy is the best service you can give the world because it’s contagious
  • Now you know that adversity is just a lesson to make us grow
  • Now we can just know that there is nothing to know. Freedom!



Flow and shine … feel in all greatness the tu-in -mi and the mi-en-ti and just be




Pilar Four
Just create


Mystery and faith go hand in hand


  • How am I where I am?
  • Relationships; the power of together we are better
  • I know everyone is good
  • I know everything is perfect as it is
  •   My health is unconditional
  • My actions are consistent with my total integrity preferences
  • My passion is my purpose of life
  • Miracles happen daily
  • No ordinariez; everything is extraordinary
  • There’s nothing to do, nowhere to go, just be
  •   Being-do-have is the essential order of a balanced existence
  •   I only believe
  •   I know I’m a contagion of happiness




Alineada con la Fuente, todo fluyeAligned with the Source, everything flows

I am a perfect instrument in the Hands of the Fountain. My dreams are non-negotiable and are backed by the Source in this solo-Ser



Together we are more!


a href=”http://happiestgloria.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/603813_447436278675842_1154392422_n.png”>

Ahhhhh … living and sharing vivid encounters in the Now, in an extraordinary world


Where? When? December 15-17, 2017 in Villas Xichu, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


The withdrawal is from 15 to December 17. Accommodation on thursday 14th is courtesy of the house in case you want to arrive a day before to relax and be one with our gardens, with your villa…


The workshop starts on Friday at 4 pm and ends on Sunday at 1 pm


For more information contact me at:
  • Whatsapp +971559748860
  • Email: happiestgloria@gmail.com



16-24 March, 2018: The Festival of Happiness arrives at Villas Xichu on  San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Come to  the  Happiness Fest march 16-24, 2018.


Come share, learn, teach, be inspired, inspire… during this wonderful event founded by  Luis Gallardo, founder of BE.


United we are more, enjoying life more deeply than we can imagine.

There is no right nor wrong, there is only a point of view

Listen to me… just listen to yourself… We are waiting for you at Villas Xichu!

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