Living the Mystery of the Unknown

I feel like I’m in front of the Gate,

The Gate leading to the Unknown.

I see intense rays of light appear

And disappear, strangers.


I feel shaken a burst of energy

Running all over my body in total synergy.

All the cells in my body expand in harmony

While I thank God for this new body with intense joy.


I start swimming in the waters of the Unknown

I immerse myself with total confidence and great exuberance,

Feeling a new sense of joy that causes me intense passion,

While my ‘new self’ recognizes the Unknown very moved.


I am intensely grateful for this late new experience,

Wondering how it’s possible to be reborn even in life?

And while I’m sure of the road in this new mystery,

More than ever I know that there’s nothing really known.


And while I hug Favorite Tree

Thanking you as always this new day,

I hear myself saying vehemently:

“Take me into the world of the unknown.”


My body shudders intensely

Feeling a great desire for the Unknown,

Wanting to enter that Mysterious World

In which safe, even flying I can!


I’m open to being Guided…

I’m so willing to go in.

In that new, venturous reality

In which the only known thing is the Unknown.


“Spiritual Orgasms” Gloria Beléndez-Ramírez

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