What does love mean?

To love means to live in abundance.


Feeling thankful that we have it all;  everything we need for our life project.


When you thank, you feel the energy of the abundance you create; we create and connect with the love of the universe.



The feeling of expansion is love; when we allow this feeling to be established in us it makes us diffusers of happiness.


Decide let love flow!


Many times we allow the environment to lead us to think negative. Allowing it or not is always our decision.


We are pure, we have no sin to clean up.


We are beautiful from head to toe as they are.


We are amor.




We have a direct connection to the Creator from birth.




We are all worthy of our love.


We sometimes spend more time pleasing the wishes of others before ours.

It’s time to spend that time pleasing ourselves. Decide now!


It is already proven, many of us have implemented it.


Create it…


Dare to create your happiness !


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