My Mistakes Are My Lessons

Los errores nos ayudan a crecer

Mistakes help us grow

What is a mistake but the pattern that leads us to perfection? The only mistake of a mistake is not to learn from it!

How can it be a mistake to fall when you don’t see a hole in your path and because you’re with the view where it should be, upright and forward, your foot falls into the hole and you fall. This is not a mistake, it is a consequence of not knowing the territory; now that you know there are holes in the floor, now yes, you will take immediate action and probe the territory in which you are walking… you will have learned from your “mistake”…

With this mindset, you won’t be “punished” every time you fall. You’ll just take action and feel like you’ve grown up… and with a feeling of accomplishment and advancement, you will sleep at the end of your day with a prayer of gratitude in your heart.

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