Problem or Challenge? Your decision!


Good morning from Lebanon!



Thanking from the Monastery of San Charbel in Annaya… Ahhhh… what a sense of peace!


What a privilege to be able to communicate with you from this city full of enigmas and human warmth, the product of a necklace of pearls of conflict between different ethnic groups and creeds… a country that has always united when foreign forces attack it and which, contradictoryly, continually enters into internal conflict, against the same groups of different creeds that make up it!



As Alessandra Giugliano, my American daughter, rightly said when I invited her to come: “I feel tranquility in this chaos



What a perfect way to define a country that lives by conquering challenges, living in such an intense way, without seeing problems… only challenges that make them resilients to but cannot….



It is a pleasure to welcome you back to our last session of the Language of a Happy Life.


For those who arrive today for the first time I invite you to go to my blog on and read the episode of May Day 2017 the-past/ in which we begin with this happy course.


The passion that motorizes my life is to encourage others to decide to be happy. And this is achieved by speaking in a positive and grateful way since we are what we think.


And what is it to be happy for me: it’s the art of being grateful especially in those difficult times.


Join us so that you too are aware of the way you talk and thus provoke the life you want to live.


What problems are you facing lately that make you worry steadily?


It is very important first of all to define which problem is the one that is bothering you to be able to start to solve.


  • Lack of financial liquidity
  • Lack of work
  • Criminality
  • The absence of a motivation in your life
  • The pain caused by a love breakup
  • Lack of self-love
  • Feeling in a jail
  • Government corruption
  • Your personal reason (what is it?)


Whatever’s afflicting you, if you consider it a problem, you’ll feel constantly distressed because a problem has no solution!


The famous Mark Twain said: “I had so many problems in my life. most never happened…”





The “Problem


A problem is something that afflicts us above all because it has no solution.


Let’s look at the following case:


This is Juanita. She’s incredibly worried about one of the thousand possible reasons.


Let’s imagine that it is the lack of economic solvency, which is something that affects many people.

Estar en estado de victima te hace vivir en el temor y la angustia...
Being in a victim state makes you live in fear and anguish… complaining and judging… not feeling that the presence I believe in you is inside you to guide you where you really want to go…


“Why can I never get enough money? I work like crazy every day and for what? I have to pay so many bills… and in the end it turns out that I have nothing left to continue my month.


How difficult this life is!


I also have to endure the situation in my office, selling life insurance… Life? If it’s a penance!! So we live always distraught because we never know the tragedy that awaits us…


Ay! As I would like to have a day of peace, when I could just relax and enjoy a day on the beach 😎 with myself. To be able to give me the luxury of ordering whatever I want in the best hotel! Sleep an entire night surrounded by what I like: Flowers 🌺, friends ❤️ love, music, fun and peace. If peace and harmony.


But no! I have to get up every day thinking about how I can pay my rent, like being able to eat healthily, like not envying those people who can afford a loose life, eating in restaurants with their friends or walking 🚶 to remote and fun places.


What a miserable life… and I instead… selling life insurance when I know that life is worthless…”





What’s going on in your brain?


As we have already seen at the beginning of this program “The Language of a Happy Life”, really it is not the situation that matters, but as we see the situation that really affects our “reality”.


Here our protagonist Juanita, living in a victim state (and most likely does not know) can not see anything positive. So his brain prepares to send him the means necessary so that he can escape or defend himself from the “danger” that the anxiety that Juanita feels transmits to his brain.


The brain, the absolute commander of the body in which Juanita resides, does its job in an extraordinary way by sending her the stress hormone, cortisol, so that she can face the “danger”…





Danger or False Danger?


  • Is a rabid dog running it?
  • O wants to attack an angry mammoth?
  • O your house is being consumed by fire 🔥 and your life is in danger?
  • O it is afflicted by an earthquake that is killing your city?


Or is it a false danger, that seeing in an entire problem without a solution causes a conflict between her and her?


  • Thinking you can’t earn enough money to sustain your expenses
  • Thinking that you have to support colleagues you don’t respect in the office who just want to abuse it
  • When you think you’ll never be able to go out to good restaurants or travel to remote locations due to lack of funds
  • Being sure that your life is a fraud, as you sell life insurance knowing that life is worthless…
  • Having to get up daily wanting better sleep so as not to remember the miseries you live in


Oh! Even me feeling Juanita would like to cry!



How good it feels to know that IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SO! Yes, I lived the first part of my life distressed and distressed thinking that I was worthless, seriously ingesting as a result!


Y  with knowledge of cause I cheerfully tell you that it doesn’t have to be like this…






The Antidote Reto



Now let’s look at Juanita from the other side of the coin. Because every coin has two sides…


And the other side of a problem is the challenge, which always has a fun solution.



Alineada con la Fuente, todo fluyeAligned with the Source, everything flows… you allow The Voice to guide you in the form of your intuition… now you are an instrument in the Hands of the Creator, flowing and shining without having to go against the current…



“Ay… thank you my God for this wonderful life!


I love being alive and feeling my Mother Nature fill me with blessings daily!


How nice it is to get up early before sunrise and be able to witness the birth of a new day through my window… go out in the fresh air and listen to the little birds say hello: “Good morning! Good morning!”” Making me smile every step of the way. Walking 🚶 thanking my legs that take me where I want to go feeling how vibrant it is every morning…


Breathe thanking my lungs for breathing from the day I was born, without any complaint, with an indescribable unconditional love… and feel the beating of my heart rushing as I walk faster and faster by offering more and more oxygen to my admired body…


And then, have the opportunity to have a job that I am passionate about! Sell life insurance, knowing that life is a blessing at every breath!


Share with my friends this happiness, sharing either apples in my house or a meal on the 😎 beach…


Oh my God, how to thank you so much kindness? I just want everyone to be happy!


I am delighted that the new colleague already feels welcome in the office. It’s wonderful to see her smile and teach her everything I know so I can always sell more and more life insurance! I love to see how he likes to learn! She’s super cute, God bless her on her way!”


And so, our protagonist sees no problem in anything!




What’s going on in your brain?


Our Juanita sees no problem at all. Your sense of gratitude won’t allow it!


When it comes to being grateful for everything you have, your brain detects no danger, but rather a state of peace and harmony.


So it sends the happiness hormone to your body, endorphins, steadily. “Enfelized” enters that natural state of expansion…like the universe that continues to always expand.


You can breathe quietly, in peace, oxygenating your body completely as you smile, observing the beauty of Mother Nature.


It feels light… and it’s also because the space between your cells expands by allowing that light to flow that I believe, and that’s inside all of us!


And all this is FREE!! It is the gift that life offers us! And so the grateful thoughts of our protagonist make her attract abundance, health, well-being…

  • Knowing that money is still offering its services passionately, always having enough money to sustain your expenses and m
  • Enjoying the growth of her colleagues, whom she respects in the office enjoying how they learn what she shares them
  • When enjoying all food, be it an apple that a feast… and every trip, whether it’s the corner or the other side of the world.
  • Being sure that your life is a blessing, as you sell life insurance knowing that life is the most precious thing you have!
  • As you get up daily wanting to scream with joy and share with everyone and with all the gratitude in which you live…


It’s not the situation, but how you see the situation that affects your reality.


How can you see, you are The Captain of your brain… or the Slave of your Brain…



Tu, you decide?


Be the slave to your brain?

Or be the captain of your brain?


Anyone giving both options is perfect. It’s not bad or good. It’s just a decision. Your decision!

Pensar negativo te esclaviza a malos humores, juzgar y criticar...
Negative thinking enslaves you to bad moods, judge and criticize…


The difference is that deciding to be a slave to your brain living a life based on fear always seeing everything you don’t have will lead your brain to produce cortisol steadily, eventually creating disease that can be lethal… because you will live in constant state of anguish, contraction, inviting doubt, depression, envy, intolerance to rule your life.



Pensar positivo (agradecido) te hace generar imagenes que te impulsan a lograr lo que te propones porque lo ves ya realizado... Positive thinking (grateful) makes you generate images that drive you to achieve what you propose because you see it already done…


Instead if you decide to be captain of your brain living a life in gratitude for everything you have, live in a world in which everything is extraordinary! You will feel that state of expansion that causes you to be grateful, in a state of marvel, ahhhh that makes your body expand and flow is light that we all are, approaching our Creator whom you can “listen” to with that inner voice, being guided in peace and harmony!


Stay with us to continue on this path of inner technology as my dear and admired Gregg Braden, a scientist dedicated to explaining miracles, calls it.


Stay tuned, as you continue to watch as you speak: Are you taking yourself to happiness through gratitude, or are you heading toward contraction, living in a state of fear without knowing it?


Let your words let you know, and take action!

  • Practice the attitude of gratitude at all times
  • Be nice to yourself, avoiding any self-criticism or judgment
  • Practice being in the here and in the now … this can be done even during rush hour in your car!
  • Eat meals balanced with gratitude, slowly, chewing repeatedly
  • Sleep enough, appreciating your bed and thanking your body daily for its miraculous work
  • Move your body daily, intentionally thanking your muscles, bones and organs while consciously oxygenating them
  • Note the seven viruses when you or others speak, and immediately apply antidotes
  • Have fun and celebrate!
  • Laughs, laughs a lot!


Pensamientos felices, vida feliz! Happy thoughts, happy life!


Remember viruses and love them by applying antidotes…


Abrazar es vida. Abrázate tu también! Embrace is life. Hold your too!


Hold on daily and share your light with others by hugging them too… Ahhhh…



I need your help


Now that this Happy Life Language Course is over, please let me know the following:


How did this course help you?
What’s your definition of happiness?
What makes you uncomfortable?
What makes you happy?
How can I be at your service?


All the answers above will help me to help you, if you haven’t already, to find your own way to your happiness …. and by contagion, give the best service you can give to the world.


We read September 15!


Let me share with you in the coming days my lovely experiences on earth where one feels comfort in the midst of chaos … the wonderful Lebanon … I will write about the incredible resilience and kindness of these people, descendants of the Phoenicians, inventors of our now-one-day alphabet.


I am also preparing a trip to Bhutan, with the intention of learning more about how GNH works, rather than GNP.


In Bhutan progress is measured by the National Product of Happiness (GNH) and not by gross National Product (GNP).


Stay tuned for our next meeting on September 15th with more beautiful stories… more harmony and more peace.




Listen to this story in which a bomb exploding 50 meters from my house teaches me what is a challenge and what is not a problem… wowww. 

What a life lesson!

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