Sorry Now!

I will always be very grateful to our Creator for allowing me to meet Master Chunyi Lin a couple of years ago.

During the seven-day meditation seminar with Jeddah Mali in Minneapolis, USA, Master Lin gave us a talk about the power of Qigong, an Ancient Chinese practice that allows us to come into full contact with our Inner Self manipulating Universal Energy.


While we performed specific movements that our Master studied, creating what he calls Spring Forest Qigong, we renewed the internal energy in our bodies, balancing the ying with the yang, to finally store it in our abdomen.

Master Lin told us about his wife; he had experienced egregious experiences, like Master Lin, during the Chinese Revolution before settling in the United States of America.

Mrs. Lin suffered from terminal cancer; was a paradox that Master Lin, being a healer, could not cure her! Yes, she had succeeded in suppressing her physical pain, but she had been sent home as a terminal patient… nothing to do…. cancer had reached his lungs, invading them completely from water.

The time had come to repeat the final order imposed on the Master years earlier: “SORRY NOW!!!”

I still remember how Master Lin vehemently told us this story; these two words permeated my spirit, filling the whole class with their power, immersing us all in total silence as those two words continued to dance in silence


The most incredible thing is that only two weeks after she decided to forgive, Mrs. Lin left her bed to continue with a totally healthy life!

His body was in perfect health…

The power of Unconditional Love, of Forgiveness, had healed her. had effectively decided to replace the hatred and fear that corroded her for love and faith.

Ahhhhh… Decidedly, this is a wonderful life.



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