Speaking to me with respect

“Oh, what a fool I am!! I’m already burning my soup. Because I can never do anything right!!”
“But my God! How fat I am!!! And I’m so little that I can’t get this weight off my back. I’ve been trying for years… I don’t have any willpower!”
“I know they won’t give that work to me. I’m not capable enough to be hired. “
Sounds familiar?
Notes how to talk to yourself in this way just DEPRIME? And if you’ve already made this a habit, you’re inadvertently causing your body to listen to you, produce cortisol, a toxic substance that’s also addictive, and even causes your immune system to get affected and you start to get sick.   I know it from experience!
When I was a child I lived in a great strain caused by the fear of being edited by my parents and the differences in mindset in the American school in Mexico City.   First it was stomach pains. Then sinusitis. Then pains in the joints. After epilepsy …
Yes!! You convince yourself how BAD you are until you get sick… Psychically and physically!
Be very careful the way you talk. Speak to yourself with respect. With the gratitude you feel for life, therefore, for your body, for your health, for your magnificence as a creature of the Creator you are…
I did, and not only cure my epilepsy with the power of my mind, daily visualizing every part of my body, from head to toe, saying, “I am better and better every day. I’m getting better every day”…
Cada día estoy mejor

Every day I’m better

Three months after I went to medical checkup, the doctor announced that it was much better; I took medication for years not knowing what it was for. When I found out what it was by the lips of a parasiclogo who presented me with the option to self-heal, we just did.
And you? What are you going to do? From the scale of 1-10, 10 being the most intense, how much do you want to be the one that provokes your life as you want it?
If it’s 10, then start talking to you with love right now. Start to feel the greatness in you, simply because you are a creature of the Creator.
Welcome home!!!


Talking to Respect


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