Recover the state of well-being.

When you're going through difficult times, like a challenge, what kind of feelings come to you? Feelings Found? And when you live something nice, what kind of feelings do you have? Placenteros? When you're feeling grieving or stressed, try changing the negative image that's giving you that feeling to a nice, positive image. Feel that feeling of solie when you imagine those thoughts that make you … [Read more...]

Conversations with Gloria

"When I met Gloria, I could never have imagined how I was going to change my life. I thank every day for crossing my path because it was "casual." From that afternoon on the landing of the elevator of the Hotel Magestic, I saw her jumping, dazzling. He conveyed to me what it means to be happy, not only for his words but for that energy that he gives off and that infects you. I had different … [Read more...]