Droplets of Happiness: The Complete Program

The Workshop Decide to Be Happy and Keep Happy WHAT HAPPENS in Happy Droplets: Monday and Thursday (NOT FRIDAY), in short videos. Visualize your project, sign it, believe in the   and watch it just manifest!   The publication of Spiritual Orgasms in Spanish is proof of this; " Happy Gotitas" is born as a tribute to faith... for  share with you the essence of life: … [Read more...]

The Changes of Seasons

Feeling cocky, sad or tense? Think of the yellow leaves of the trees, which announce a new season, autumn... manifesting beautiful and contrasting colors that enrich our senses, even if the tree seems to be sad, naked, deprived of its beautiful foliage...   When I feel that way, I know, like the fall of the leaves of the trees, which is temporary. I take a deep breath, thanking my … [Read more...]

Guided Meditations with Glory

  Meditation is like plugging into the internet of the universe. It is the most effective way to nourish our spirit.   So while we are connected we can make requests or thank for what we feel that benefits our environment. We can thank you for our health, send you solutions and peace visualizations that help a family member or friend in a delicate situation. We can send compassion to … [Read more...]

The Power of Smile …

I had the privilege of visiting my dear friend and sister Rita Tellefsdal in Oslo, Norway, staying in her wonderful dream home overlooking the stunning nature that is all over Norway... a continuous smile at that sight. ..   About four years ago, we met online as we were both registered in a Robin Sharma online course. And, of course, the smile on his identity photograph appealed to me. … [Read more...]

Be Happy, Stay Happy … Whatever Happens!

I have been asked many times how it can be possible to be happy in difficult times. "You can't just sit back and laugh when your best friend is in the hospital or just lost your home in a tsunami! "   In order to be sure that we are talking about the same thing, let's define what happiness is not:   Happiness is not the ability to always be smiling, without any problem, making jokes … [Read more...]