The Power of Mom

This weekend has been so fantabulous, so extraordinary…in a different way: I had the opportunity to attend to Brendon Burchard’s Seminar Expert’s Academy in Santa Clara, California. And as well, I got to feel what is truly the power of Mom.   It is not the power she has over her kids to tell them what to do. Not at all. It has to do with the generational energy; if you go to the Far … [Read more...]

Turning Stress into Inspiration…You Decide

Have you ever been in a situation in which stress, overwhelm, lack of sleep etc. have squeezed out of your core a sigh accompanied by a languid whisper "...and what is the point to keep on keeping on?" If you are in this need-to-be-inspired place now, I want to share with you an amazing and mind bubbling experience I had yesterday in this blessed emirate called Dubai.   As we, a group … [Read more...]

The Yellow Parrot- Is a Coincidence More Than That?

"If you find this yellow parrot please notify its worried master..." read the sign posted on one of the forty elevators of our residential complex Motorcity, depicting a beautiful yellow Australian parrot, like the ones who accompanied part of my childhood. The post was there for two consecutive days. Each time I entered the elevator, I would send smiles to it and to its owner. Until yesterday … [Read more...]

Help! I’m Getting Married!

Help! I'm Getting Married!   Sleepless nights with images of doubt? Upset tummy, letting you know that it's time to listen within?   Ahhhh... What are your inner questions? Are you listening or are you choosing to quiet that inner voice?   Feeling anxious can be a very good sign! -excitement... -so eager that waiting for that day is hard... -many different … [Read more...]