Making peace with the challenges of the past


For the first fifteen years of my life I lived in a bleak world …


What no one around me knew my world was bleak? 


Well, it didn’t look like it…


Not when I saw  my mom lovingly serve my dad the grapes peeled with a smile.


Not even when my parents danced until the little hours the next day at the parties that were organized in my house.


I remember seeing the other children at school socialize from my lonely space during recess, afraid that someone would mock my corrective boots or my ugliness and stupidity.


Nor did they seem to know the cloudy world in which I lived.


I had grown up in the midst of the cries that for me were humiliating to those that I had been exposed to during my childhood (and here I mention it with all due respect to my beloved mother, may she rest in peace, with the sole intention of sharing my life experience in order to communicate how I left this loneliness; and of course now I know that it was surely not just screaming, but when one lives in a state of fear one sees Moors with tranchete…):<


“Piece of donkey! You never do anything right! You’re a good-for-nothing!” My mother would tell me whenever my actions did not meet her expectations.


And that was too often for me.


Slow but surely this led me to believe what my mother was saying to me!


So my world became a gloomy, anxiety-filled one.


until one day …


I really think it wasn’t what happened to me that woke me up, but I was at that specific moment in the Now… able to see and feel beyond the situation … as well as when a magnifying glass in sunlight burns the paper only at a specific point, very specific.


I was 15 when my tonsils were removed. I used to fear  my parents to a large extent; I started with constant stomach pains; this caused my respiratory system to become congested by giving me sinusitis… and finally at 11 I had my first (of only three) epileptic seizure.


I must have still been under the effect of anesthesia,  feeling a great sore throat, when my father entered the hospital room with a very special imported juice for me …


“What? How does my dad know I like that juice?” I remember asking myself  when that “giant” I feared so much entered  into the room.


Your smile, the emotional shock, the juice…


Suddenly I clearly understood that mi  dad if he wanted me


For years I had believed that she was an unsmoked child. But that day, I was in the right place at the right time to recognize “the real truth“…


So what happened? What was it that put me in the right place to finally see life from a perspective that allowed me to change my thoughts … of being a victim to suspect that he was not really a victim … ???


Will anesthesia, coupled with a sore throat, be in a hospital room that led me to see the situation from a different perspective and thus wake up to “the real truth”?


I mean, I had been offered that same juice during our trips to the U.S. … why did I never react the same way?


I guess I’ll never have an answer to this question. Y doesn’t really matter. However, being able to ask me this question myself is enough for me  rejoicing.


Why rejoice? Because now I know it’s not the knowledge what made me react. It was only life-in-gratitude.


As I remember the enormous gratitude I make in my fragile body to have felt my father’s forced smile, accompanied by a tear for his girl… I… your little girl…


It was like thunder of magic that seemed to have changed my life. What really happened was that I went back to open the door for you a be what really was (and I have always been and will be): a perfect creation of the Source.


From that moment on my vision of life was no longer from the perspective of“poor me


Now my inner voice said to me:


Instead of blaming and criticizing your parents, ask them what their childhood was like… listen with the heart open what they have to say!”


And that’s what really put me on the way back to “great of my… great all!” thus making peace with the challenges of the past.


Coming out of  ” poor me”  to enter  new in the “Great of me”



If you are living in fear and lack of self-love, let me share with you what allowed me to choose greatness in me, present in all of us:


Increase your ability to be grateful.


The idea is to produce positive images remembering a moment that caused us great happiness. In this way the brain will feel the reigning harmony and instruct to produce dopamines and endorphins, the happiness hormones.


Let’s test now!


Close your eyes and imagine an event in your life that you remember with  gratitude and joy. In this state of gratitude, can you feel upset or disgruntled?.


Exactly, cannot! So keep smiling harboring that nice picture and focus on the following when you formulate your thoughts:


  • Learn yourself and others instead of criticizing
  • Listen to yourself  yourself and others instead of judging
  • Take action instead of creating excuses


I would very much like to share with you the great freedom experienced when living in the following reality:


We are all good and all this  perfect just like this…
There is a foolproof technique that will lead you too, to be completely free: Living in a constant state of gratitude. Especially in the most difficult moments. This is what I call la felicidad: the art of staying in a state of appreciation especially at challenge times.


How are you talking?
The way you talk reflects the way you think. And the actions you take are directly guided by those thoughts.


The Choice of Fear


If the images in your head are based on fear, the propelled thoughts will be of contraction, creating a feeling of heaviness and anguish; your brain will sense an alarm state and send the order to produce stress hormone, cortisol,  so you can run away or fight.


If this concern is with you at all times, in your car, in your bed, in the shower, in the soup, then chances are that your body will get sick, and that you imagine that you live in the gap and surrounded by problems with people who just want to take advantage of you or hurt you.


This is what makes constant fear, it keeps you in a chronic state of concern without access to constructive action. It suffocates you slowly.



Choice of Gratitude


However, if you choose gratitude, the brain detects a feeling of “all that’s fine“, so there will be no need to give the order to produce the stress hormone, the cortisol or adrenaline.


These substances are of great help if we use them in times of danger or defense that require great force. But they are very harmful if we produce them constantly when we are in a state of chronic concern.


En cambio, la producción de endorfinas makes us feel at peace, in a state of expansion, light, with a smile that is also contagious. In this case you can be sure that your health, abundance and well-being are guaranteed.


This is the story of my life. And it is my total joy to share it with you, so that your  also choose the way back to the greatness that we are all.


Now,  se patient, one smile at a time. One appreciation at a time. One breath at a time.


I’m going to start from May 8 share with you, in seven episodes, the language of a happy life.


You will be able to choose a language free from the viruses that attack a happy life, while you become aware of the way you speak, and the existence of the antidotes that will take you back to balance.


I will share with you how through the language I use daily, I am able to be the architect of my own happy, contagious life … hoping that you too will decide to choose  words of kindness, gratitude, inclusion, generosity,  creativity,  self-love, compassion and kindness.

Don’t worry if you notice that your language is infested with virus! You have the antidote by default within you!


Now if, from this space of self-love, health and  wellness, you live in a contagious state of happiness… Yeyy!


Call to Action
Join us on May 8, 2017 (in a week) to begin publishing the presentation of the course in seven weeks “The Language of a Happy Life” covering a “virus” and an “antidote” per week, ending June 19.


Learn more about how tu can run your image factory and how you can choose gratitude over fear. And now yes, decide to be happy and keep you happy, no matter what happens!


Pensamientos felices, vida feliz!

Happy thoughts, happy life!


It is possible. Guaranteed!