I love to pay!

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Endorphinated in Mexico

Welcome with more from Indoor Technology!   Good morning from the heart of Mexico! San Miguel de Allende, in the state of Guanajuato.     Endorfinada!   During this trip to Mexico, I want to share what happens in my brain that keeps me always in a state of bliss, creativity, always feeling energetic and eager to continually share more.   In this great little town … [Read more...]

Making peace with the challenges of the past

  For the first fifteen years of my life I lived in a bleak world ...   What no one around me knew my world was bleak?    Well, it didn't look like it...   Not when I saw  my mom lovingly serve my dad the grapes peeled with a smile.   Not even when my parents danced until the little hours the next day at the parties that were organized in my … [Read more...]

Mother and daughter

cute princess The intense sigh That you rip out of my soul   Feeling asleep While you lie next to me Feeling intensely living We are one soul   If only you knew That when you're in my arms It's God I invoke Thanking your existence   There's nothing in the world That can never be compared What I feel my life When happy and safe I see you walking Spiritual Orgasms. … [Read more...]