Endorphinated in Mexico!

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Good morning from the heart of Mexico! San Miguel de Allende, in the state of Guanajuato.






During this trip to Mexico, I want to share what happens in my brain which always keeps me in a state of happiness, creativity, always feeling energetic and eager to always share more.


In this great small town one is exposed to the creation of endorphins constantly through color, gastronomy, art, the joy of the Mexican people, the history of the place, its music, traditions, culture, and preference for various nationalities who come to live in this magical town thanks to the high quality of life that is lived here.


 Arriving home after three months of absence I find this little angel painted by hand welcoming me along with the spikenard that perfumed my room; although it was already late and I had arrived from a long trip, my brain detected that feeling of pure gratitude; endorphins gushed in me, making me feel awe as a result of sheer appreciation; in that feeling a huge desire to give my girls a hug for such a beautiful detail engulfes me… so I fell asleep with a blessing in my heart for them…


The art that is expressed in an infinite range of hand-carved, tin designed, crystal etc.  products leads us to consciously or unconsciously feel that admiration 💕 for life and for all the beings that populate Mother Earth … feeling admiration is a very direct way of connecting with our Creator as we enter expansion, feeling that lightness that is also contagious. The moment you appreciate the artist, a mutual thankfulness is created, provoking a positive creative bond that benefits both parties … ahhh …
Villas Xichú is a space that was born thanks to the magic that exists in this mystical town. We have a specific space designated to the appreciation for dreaming: the dream factory


What is to dream? It is the ability to allow ourselves to be guided by absolute trust  and the knowledge that everything is perfect just the way it is, and thus, in all calm we accept challenges as simple games to decipher; Now, from this space of calm and serenity we can see who we are and what our preferences are. Our GPS is at all times: I FEEL GOOD!


Ahhhh … in the above picture we are enjoying a slice of mandarin (from our trees which I planted 15 years ago) with Luis Gallardo, the founder of the Happiness Festival that will take place from 16-18 March 2018 right  here,  in our Oasis of Happiness, Villas Xichu. in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.


 IMG_1511 copy
Sindashi in the local language otomi means white canvas. This painter has embodied his philosophy of life in Sindashi dresses, art-made-fashion. What a way to dress life and feel super charged with  a living creativity!


Take note, how you dress can be cause of endorphinization! Choose the colors that make you feel happy, that make you feel that you are you! If as you dress does not make you feel “cool”, then choose talking to yourself.


The secret to finding joy in everything you do is that whatever you do makes you feel good.


What is going on in your brain when you feel good?


Exactly! Being in that relaxed wave, the brain will send the  order to produce  that chemical, the happiness hormone endorphin, which puts you “in a good mood” … helping you to see clearly, therefore listening to others and to yourself with empathy,  provoking your own calm and connection with Source.


Now yes, preparing to give a guided meditation live on Facebook Live


What a privilege to record the guided meditation “talking to your body” to share it on Facebook Live


It doesnt matter how many times I visit  the  San Miguel Market, a “banal” activity… it always causes me great pleasure to see the perfection of fresh produce, people trading and flowers. The only thing my brain can detect is Joy before so many smiles and colors! Yes … what a feeling of happiness!
At this point Luis and I are super delighted, both of us with the gratitude container overflowing. Spontaneously we invite them to take a delicious super fresh juice to these Chinese who decided to give up their work to travel a year in our country! Wow! how wonderful to be able to make such a decision and just live! It’s contagious … LIFE IS GOOD!
Notice the cleanliness and the passion with which this juice vendor does his work! And feel the joy caused by the admiration that gives us the enjoying at this marvellous place … and the integrity of these Chinese gentlemen who allow themselves to live life intensely breaking rules … Wow!
And the endorphnitis continues. My little daughter Sarah made me a note with this drawing and put it in my bag some time ago. I went to the handicrafts market asking an artist to transform it into a ceramic plate … can you imagine the endorphinitis that occurred in me when I picked up the finished product? Woooowww …


And we continue with more color … and admiration with the author of all these piñatas So significant of our country. Hurray Mexico!
What an appreciation I feel for these salespeople who always have a smile despite cold or bad weather. Here selling decorations to celebrate Christmas.
And more piñatas that remind us of our childhood … more endorphins!


Always more grateful!


Feeling always more grateful! What’s going on in my brain ?


Exactly. More expansion. Now I feel so much joy as I smile and gladly pay for the wonderful work of the artisan …


Make your daily life an adventure


It is not necessary to take a plane and go to exotic places to have wonderful experiences that are the reason for the “endorphinization” that will take you to the maximum expression of yourself!


Simply by changing your attitude to what you see and how you see it you can get your brain to order the production of endorphins and not cortisol, the stress hormone.


Remember, what you want to achieve is that your brain feels the signal that everything is fine, through constant appreciation and gratitude.


In the previous images, everything takes place in a Mexico that I already know. The markets, the piñatas, the juice stands … however, these experiences combined with the intense feeling of gratitude cause within me a chemical, hormonal reaction that endorphinizes me in such a way that I feel an explosion of happiness that brings me to laugh out loud in the company of the people who are with me, or to feel almost tears of the emotion while appreciating  a lady and her son  that they hsndcraft piñatas that make you vibrate!


Innovate in your actions!


With the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is very easy to disconnect from the beauty that life offers us in the form of nature, moments of appreciation and smiles.


But if you are aware of what is going on in your brain you will notice when you are stressing yourself,  feeling contraction, a feeling of anguish … of lack of production.


If you already noticed, then just do something different. For example:


  • Visit a friend who has not seen for a long time
  • Instead of eating in the usual dining room, sit down from a tree to eat
  • In the office, change your work method. For example change the place of the desk or put different decorations
  • Create a party for yourself. Put your favorite movie or prepare your favorite dish and enjoy it in total appreciation
  • Comb with your left hand if you are right-handed
  • Etc. (write your own)


Visiting the Ranchito Cascabel


This experience was different! Very different!


Some years ago, Tim Sullivan, an American resident in San Miguel de Allende, bought hectares of fertile land in the vicinity of San Miguel de Allende to create a space for his still young children. Thus, inspired by the Catalan artist Gaudí, Timmyland  as everyone knows it, was born. The real name is Ranchito Cascabel and it’s an adventure!


Our sweetest Timmy, calls this amazing place”a bunch of nothing“, expressing his conviction that nothing is impossible, and that possibilities are many. His unlimited goodness will never speak with dishonour of  everything we have seen today at Ranchito Cascabel, but rather about how much more there is always to discover in deep humility. Thanks Timmy! God bless your mother who brought you to us!


Phenomenal Temascal
MaryEllen, famous for her skills as an event planner worldwide, feels her heart sing while mariachis and church bells ring in her veins all the time! What a way to splash everyone with the desire to create with us! It shows us the endorphinating effect that this magical place has on her, imagining being a diva in this phenomenal hand crafted hechaise-long.
Feel the calm of this puppy that simply  lives  … quiet … living in the Now and Here … finding abundance in that peace
Sindashi in otomi means White Canvas; my coat, art made fashion, is another of the wonderful creations of this unique company. Here I see myself embracing nature made art by Timmy’s vision in these beautiful gardens … what creativity in action … life creating life …
Playing Bocce! Socialize outdoors with creative friends like you! Celebrate life as you share and create together…ahhh….that is living alive!


Preparing for the holidays


Here as in almost everywhere, the Christmas spirit is already perceived wherever you go. Soon the traditional posadas will begin, which remind us of the trajectory of Baby Jesus in order to reach the world.


Let us allow living intensely this period in which the value of giving, of creating, of celebrating is more intense than in the rest of the year.


Realize that it is not about “being good or being bad” in our Interior Technology. It is only an incredibly magical way that allows us to be in tune with who we believe, and therefore see life experience in a positive way, causing that feeling of peace that makes us feel expanded, happy, at peace. And so the brain continues to create more and more enforphins …


Happy endorfinization! Keep being contagious!


The traditional Christmas  flowers, orginary of Mexico, sing you a song in their own way. Here in the main entrance of Villas Xichu
Rudolf the Red Nose deer! We greet you with great pleasure!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year … full of endorphins, which I guarantee will increase your energy, your joy, your health and your abundance …


What do you choose?

If you decide that what you want is to feel calm, with clarity to make the decisions that you need to reach the happiness of your choice, it is necessary that you exercise your mind, always creating more and more images that cause you calm, joy and that feeling of well-being; get used to:

  • Appreciate
  • Be gentle
  • Deciding to learn from others
  • Dedicate yourself to listening to yourself and others
  • Dedicate time to your loved ones
  • Walk comfortably in nature appreciating its beauty
  • Etc. (write your own choises)

The more you do exercises like these, the more you will be training to cause your brain to produce the chemicals (endorphins) necessary for your balance and connection with the Whole.

Remember, when your brain detects through your emotions that everything is at peace, it will automatically send you the endorphins that will send you more and more to the state of I FEEL GOOD !!!

Our next endorphinating appointment …


See you next 31.12 with more experiences in this beautiful part of the world. More color, more about how this rich culture does to receive the New Year. San Miguel de Allende, and Villas Xichu, we are all waiting for you!

Thank you for adding your comments or questions so that we are all enriched by your point of view.

Being happy is the best service you can give to the world because happiness is contagious. A happy person is kind, wants to share and serve … this is exactly what it takes to have world peace.

Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!


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