Music: the Tangible Proof of the Natural Excellence within All of Us

According to the Human measuring spree, we are about to end a cycle of life, a 365 day period. Habit has it that we guide ourselves into the mood of recalling what we did and what we didn't do during that time, to set new goals, new expectations, new renewed and re-renewed vows that we might have not achieved...and so we try again and again to reach them...   "This year I will make … [Read more...]

The Power of Trust

Whenever I think of  my sweet husband Ibrahim, magic commences to spell its effect on creativity level rises, my heart beat increases and my ability to smile explodes...   Whenever I meet my "twin sister" Sarah, there is a huge movement in the Universe making me feel like flying, celebrating together the power of trust.   What is trust, if not the ability to recognize … [Read more...]

How I came from “Poor Me” to “Great Me”…

I am now in Mexico City, two weeks away from my last newsletter, still thanking my sweet AP (accountability partner) Camie for her 'wake-up push" to bring me into "time" and stay with you regularly.   I am thrilled to attend today Dr. Joe Dispenza's two day Progressive Workshop which is dedicated exactly to the same topic: how to break with the habit of being yourself...meaning  how to … [Read more...]

Are You Feeling Abused by Someone?

I know this feeling. The feeling of being abused by someone is one of the worst feelings a human being can go trhough... unless it's not...   This feeling of being abused by those around you can become obsessive and even life-threatening. It is a feeling of contraction that seems to press more and more as time passes and the people 'by whom we are being abused of'  become 'Meaner and … [Read more...]

Commitment: Finishing What You Started

As we enter the seventh month of this year, I realize that I have not been posting what I have been living for a long time!   All my posts are still in my notes, for some reason, avoiding to leave my inbox, and I want to say sorry for not having been consistent in my postings...   This I must thank my dear friend Camie, an incredible communicator, writer, organizer, artist, … [Read more...]

Gratitude Detoxifies your Existence

"It's so late!! I'm never going to get there on time! Come on you rubbish of a car! START!!!" "Oh... Why is it so that my nose is so big? Why can't I have a normal nose? I need to change this nose of mine! Nobody will love me if I stay like this!!! Mom! Why did you bring me like this to this nonsense world?" "This is not fair. She got the job when truly, I deserve that position. Come on. … [Read more...]

Be Happy, and Stay Happy, No Matter What!

It seems to be that the word happiness, like all words really, has many different meanings, depending on the connotation each one gives to it.   So I am not going to say what is happiness. I will say what is happiness to me.   It is that feeling of completion. That feeling of not needing any proof that I am safe and thankful, no matter what. And the complete certitude that if … [Read more...]

Connecting to your Mortality Sets you Free!

What IS mortality? Does it really exist? When you see the vastness of the sea, and the way it envelopes you like magic, you just know that whether you have the fabulous vehicle that our Creator gave us or not, we will be and always have been Alive. What is Life then? Life on Earth is an exquisite passage. A passage in which we have been given five fabulous senses to enjoy and appreciate a … [Read more...]