I love to pay!

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Cause happiness using your inner technology

    My birthday.   The day my mother gave birth to my life.   Thank you with total amazement ...   Again...   And in this deep gratitude comes this message to share with you.         Cause the life of your dreams... ... know your brain and the effects of a grateful life perspective     Being in touch with you is like being … [Read more...]

Bananas and hugs

  Welcome smiling boys and girls! Very good morning from this wonderful country at the foot of the Himalayas: … [Read more...]

I have to? I choose!

Good morning from Mexico, my home country!   What a joy to greet you from this colorful country to continue our talk about the importance of a language of happy life... provoking our serene reality...   For those who have not been with us since the beginning I welcome you, asking you to check on my blog dated May 8 the beginning of this presentation: The Language of a Happy Life, result … [Read more...]

There is no but that is worth!

    Good morning!   It's a pleasure for me to greet you from Dubai!   If you're reading this we're in tune, walking junt@s on this fun path which is this party called life... there is no but worth it! :)   Maybe you're not smiling at how much fun I see him yet... However, recognize what your reality is is a great feat, because it lets you know where you are and feel … [Read more...]

Healing As We Celebrate

While in Africa I found myself thanking God I got an email from far away Italy. It wasn't a message of joy like the only one. But one of "tragedy" between life and death.   "My dear Nikki is found grave in the hospital With the blood contaminated, and you see the thing very bad..." And while I was eating those lines, I communicated directly with God Our Creator will help her … [Read more...]

Flawless Language Effects

When someone speaks sweetly and lovingly to a baby, you feel like one also feels at ease and at peace?   When someone talks to you, or you talk to someone with patience and compassion, you can feel that peace that makes you feel inspired?   It's a very productive and fun game to observe yourself and your feelings regarding the language you use and the language that others use in your … [Read more...]

Feel gratitude for food

Next time you enjoy a meal, whether at home or at a restaurant, PAUSA, and again, PAUSA. Take yourself alone, so you can enjoy the moment at your own pace, feeling the vibration of the Moment. When your plate reaches your table, say: "How privileged I am, I have this wonderful delight to be palated while I feed my body, a gift from God, which allows me to be alive in this mortal life; … [Read more...]

Dare to be yourself

I still remember that cold winter's day, when we went to visit my sister and my niece in the village of Neuss, Germany. As usual, I came out before sunrise while everyone was still asleep. How pleased I felt the cold of the cool wind on my face, a fantastic contrast with the sometimes excessive heat of the housing heating.   With great joy I felt the huge trees calling me. Ahhh. It was an … [Read more...]

Mother and daughter

cute princess The intense sigh That you rip out of my soul   Feeling asleep While you lie next to me Feeling intensely living We are one soul   If only you knew That when you're in my arms It's God I invoke Thanking your existence   There's nothing in the world That can never be compared What I feel my life When happy and safe I see you walking Spiritual Orgasms. … [Read more...]