Bananas and hugs


Welcome smiling boys and girls!

Very good morning from this wonderful country at the foot of the Himalayas: Bhutan.


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Este es un país con menos de 800,000 habitantes guiado por un rey muy amado, ya que ha institucionalizado el GNH (gross national happiness) que pone el crecimiento del país en las bases de valores sólidos que garanticen la felicidad del pueblo.


For those who visit us for the first time, welcome to this series “The Interior Technology; what’s happening in my brain?” that we started on my blog of 15.9.17 at This anticipated by 8 blogs from the series “The Language of a Happy Life” started the first of May this year.

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What’s going on in the bhutanes’ brain?

This town lives in peace with itself. The admiration they feel for their king, the absence of pesticides in their food and the immaculate beauty of their nature and mountains,  makes their brain perceive the calm in which they develop. In this way they share with their relatives and colleagues their perception of a gentle life, of cooperation and trust.


Arrive in Bhutan 🇧🇹 following the founder of WOHASU (World Happiness Summit), Luis Gallardo, whom by Godcidencia I found on my happy path during that event in Miami last March; way in which we dance constantly together, now with you too!!


This morning, after a week of constant happy bombing, touching my heart ❤️ to the deepest essence with so many wonderful experiences, I set out to walk the streets of the capital Thimphu in search of a banana for my palate and for my stomach.


Instead I found this:


King 👑 places a great emphasis on education. Before the advent of the internet, it was much easier to instill essential values such as respect, kindness, responsibility, gratitude and inclusivity. Now the challenge is greater when it comes to its inhabitants being exposed to “I want what I don’t have“, exposing their brains with images based on  fear, envy, competence, disunity causing the production of the stress hormone constantly and thus harmful…


Rural areas united with the mission of creating sustainability to the country in harmony and cooperation.



Looms that produce truly beautiful products



Masks that showcase the feeling of the people: a happy old man… Ahhhh to this call it eternal youth since the brain, exposed to images based on gratitude,  emits endorphins… Relax… Happy… it’s always if… a constant celebration. Yeyy!



And like us Mexicans, death is 💀 part of our lives.


Be happy!!


Be happy!!!



Sunflowers 🌻 greeting the sun reverently…



The faith that still sustains this people



The total fluidity of life when asking where I find a banana and instead receive and give a hug…. Ahhhh…



Verifying that the film industry also reached Bhutan



Seeing older people work hard and grateful



Buying a bag of soy beans cooked for a dollar, feeling the gratitude in a hug from a person despite which evidently leads a difficult life…



Shops that are about to open that are the threshold of a nascent and flourishing economy…



Buildings at the foot of the majestic mountains, lush lungs that make me feel the growing happiness of my lungs



Finally, in total celebration, I find my beloved feast: I buy two bananas that, when put in my mouth, give me a heavenly flavor that dances with all my senses.




In total gratitude, feeling the enormous admiration that awakens in my my-always-present-although-in-absence conyugue Ibrahim, I keep walking, running into the Meridien Hotel…



And I feel, I remember, sending to my brain signals that make me produce endorphins…



Meridien… taste of House since almost every weekend I meet in Dubai we had breakfast at the Le Royal Meridien in Dubai… Ahhhh… Let’s go in for breakfast!! ” I say totally excited.


And so, thanking life, the Creator, my family, friends and you, I enter the breakfast maker.


Have a charger for my iPhone?” she asked hopefully.


At one point I research you!” The restaurant manager’s response arrives, accompanied by an unparalleled smile.


Of course he will be doing his best to meet my needs...” my inner being tells me, causing a smile on my brain… followed by that of my face…



They got an electric extension for me to write while breakfast.

Thank you Mr. Manager!



And more platanoooo!



More endorphins that make me splash happiness.




And now I ask you:



What’s going on in your brain?

You feel like the thanks with which I see life have taken and captured ♥️… these photos that I so fondly share with you?

The smiles, hugs and landscapes expressed in the photographs send the signal to your brain that “everything is fine”… the perfect signal for your brain order to produce enforfins, the happiness hormone… and you smile, you feel like floating… Ahhh…



Yes. Yes. The purpose is that you too decide to converse with your brain.



Let you decide to know that the choice of provoke grateful images at will so that your brain may give you the wonderful endorphins is what will set the tone for a life in health, well-being and abundance…


Yes. We are now contagious. We splatter happiness as we peacefully kick a boat while walking in this party called life.


And when you eat a banana… smile! Knowing that you are provoking your own happiness and that of those around you…


What Father, right?


I send you a super hug!!!



Hugging my beloved Tia Estela, my mother’s sister, receiving the wisdom and affection of all my ancestors through her, passing her to my still-unborn grandchildren.


And we go on!


October 15, 2017, our next appointment!

I don’t know where my way will take me, whether I’ll be in Dubai, Barcelona or… we will be sharing my adventures with my brain…


Your also shares!


Enrich us and enrich yourself by sharing experiences… add your comment down here please. Thank you so much!



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