Flawless Language Effects

When someone speaks sweetly and lovingly to a baby, you feel like one also feels at ease and at peace?


When someone talks to you, or you talk to someone with patience and compassion, you can feel that peace that makes you feel inspired?


It’s a very productive and fun game to observe yourself and your feelings regarding the language you use and the language that others use in your environment.


Next time you want to lament because it’s so hot, reflect… Don’t do it… Think better about how traders benefit on beaches, selling their merchandise! Or think of Mother Earth, who is now resting so that we can bear better fruit in the future. or the fan vendors, they will also benefit! In addition… complaining won’t bring you any benefit… it’ll just put you in a bad mood…


ALWAYS find a kind word, a sweet thought, and write them down. Send an email or little note by hand to a loved one. Your days will be filled with joy and peace. Do it! And you won’t regret it…

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