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Good morning!


It’s a pleasure for me to greet you from Dubai!
If you’re reading this we’re in tune, walking junt@s on this fun path which is this party called life… there is no but worth it! 🙂
Maybe you’re not smiling at how much fun I see him yet… However, recognize what your reality is is a great feat, because it lets you know where you are and feel if what you feel is a feeling of “like” or “no gust“.
Wherever you feel you are, here we are to continue what we started: invite us to be aware of the way we talk.
Two weeks ago I shared my experience with the virus to deal with, and as when replacing it with “just do it” my life completely changed…
I would love for you to share your experience with us… so I can learn from you what you learned. Thank you for including your comments at the end of this blog.





Before we continue I would like to remind us of something very important: the mainstay of this course “The Language of a Happy Life” is that of focus on how our brain works.


With our attitude we captain our brains.


1.5.17 We start with, introducing the concept:


It is not the situation but how I see the situation that creates my reality.



15.5 .17 we continue with the introduction of the power of the word

We are what we think; our way of speaking reflects  how we think of the Subconscious


1.6.17 we continue with the first language virus of a Happy Life: treat. it/


Why try if I can do it?



15.6.17 Today, we’ll talk about the Pero  virus and its antidote … And…



All of the above is based on a basic principle:




Our brain is at our service, not the other way around. 

  • Our ideas, our paradigms (which are often subconscious) are the ones that lead us to the creation of images in our image factory, guided by emotions
  • If those emotions and actions are based on the gratitude platform, the images created in our head will be of a nature expansive.
    • i.e., they will make us feel good, at ease.
    • We will be more in a celebratory state in which neither judge nor criticism can be judged. Just listen.
    • The brain will recognize the state of expansion by sending us endorphins, the happiness hormone to celebrate with us
  • If these emotions are founded from the fear platform, then the images produced in our image factory
    • will be of nature contractant.
    • We feel pressured, obfuscated, creating images threatening our peace and inner calm.
    • Our brain without being needed, send the stress hormone, cortisol
With this in mind, let’s move on then.


Today I want to share my experience with the Virus But, even more devastating than the virus Treat.


The Virus But



The word pero is like a dagger that destroys positive thinking.



It’s like having a balloon in which there’s a beautiful, positive thought, and when you say but you are ensuring the destruction of it when it comes to pricking it with the dagger of fear.





“My mother-in-law is divine! I love how she loves my husband and the selflessness with which she treats her husband, my father-in-law.”  


Decide quedarte en la onda positiva y creativa, aplicando ...y... cuando estas por decir algo que podría ser considerado negative
Decides to stay on the positive and creative wave, applying … And… when you’re about to say something that could be considered negative and instead of criticizing you just describe a fact…

And this statement is accompanied by a smile that makes the listener feel harmony too.



But if you saw how he loves to criticize everything I do? I can’t stand it!”


Happiness by Choice- Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness Centre of Excellence for Happiness at S P Jain School of Global Management’s course “Happiness by Choice” is inspired from UC Berkeley’s program on the Science of Happiness. The course is based on the ground- breaking science of Positive Psychology, which explores the roots of a happy and meaningful life. The science encompasses the latest findings from the fields of cognitive psychology, neuroscience, as well as behavioral economics. Students will engage with the most relevant and provocative practical lessons from this science and learn how to apply those key principles to their own lives. Learning Objectives: After the course, students will be able to-  Discover how the Science of Happiness makes us better, more productive, and more efficient individuals  Identify key psychological, social, biological, and neurological factors in happiness  Apply lessons from positive and social psychology to their personal and professional lives, enhancing their self- understanding  Describe and practice research- tested techniques for boosting happiness  Understand how the Science of Happiness is revolutionizing organizational cultures and business performance world- wide Session 1: Introduction to Happiness by Choice- The Science of Happiness 24th May 2017- Leadership Hall 4.30pm to 6.30pm Welcome to the course: overview and logistics ● What is happiness, and how do scientists measure it? ● Why does happiness matter? ● The role of positive emotions within happiness ● Can we increase our own happiness? ● So what does—and doesn’t—make us happy? Session 2: Mindfulness and Compassion for a better you 25th May 2017- Leadership Hall 10am to 12.30pm ● What is Mindfulness and Compassion ● How mindfulness benefits the mind, brain, and body ● How compassion motivates kindness ● The social benefits of mindfulness Session 3: Project Giving- The Science of Altruism 8 th June 2017- Leadership Hall 2pm to 4pm ● What is Altruism? ● Finding links between the science of giving and happiness ● How to cultivate Altruism ● Project Giving Session 4: The Power of Connection- The Social Brain 22nd June 2017- Leadership Hall 3pm to 5pm ● Why do social connections foster happiness? ● How we are wired for connection ● Affiliation, affection, and attachment ● Happiness and romance, family, parenting, and friends ● Empathy & connection Session 5: The Neuroscience of Forgiveness 8 th July 2017- Leadership Hall 11am to 1pm ● What is forgiveness- the science behind forgiveness and happiness ● Why practice forgiveness ● How to cultivate it ● Fostering empathy Session 6: The Science of Gratitude- Finding your Happiness Fit 31st July 2017- Leadership Hall 4pm to 6pm ● Why gratitude is good: the strong links between gratitude and happiness ● Happiness Practice: Gratitude Journal ● The roots of gratitude ● Challenges to gratitude ● Practical ways to cultivate gratitude ● Happiness Practice: Gratitude Letter & Gratitude Journal Course Facilitators: 1. Prof Christopher Abraham- Head of Campus and Sr. Vice President of Institutional Development, S P Jain School of Global Management, Passionate Happiness Researcher, Keynote speaker on the Science of Happiness 2. Bijal Oza- Director of Counseling and Coaching, S P Jain School of Global Management, Clinical Psychologist and Happiness & Wellness Consultant 3. Gloria Ramirez- Author of Spiritual Orgasm, and Happiness Ambassador, Dubai
When you use the virus BUT you are criticizing, judging, creating an adverse situation…


East but has completely denied the beauty of the first statement, transforming the smile that accompanied it in a Unpleasant grimace which brings to the present moment an unsused cortisol poisoning since there is really no threat from which we have to escape or defend ourselves. 



However when it comes to “acuchillar” the joy produced by the lovely image-of-a-in-law  with the daga-del-pero, I only bring to my present moment “mud, poison” that sends me in contraction and also to those around me.


Attentive to the effect of the virus But, destined to lead you from positive to negative ...
Attention to the effect of the virus But, destined to go from positive to negative…


The truth is that we all live in a bubble: 
  • What do we provoke according to the way we speak:
    • expansive
    • o in a constrictive way
  • Instructing the brain for actions
    • expansivas indicating that everything is fine
    • contracters indicating that we are in alert state
  • Consciously prompting the body’s order to produce
    • cortisol, this energetic stress hormone that sends us to shrink, feeling confusion and/or fear, making us able to apply intolerance and cruelty in a state of miedo 
    • o endorphins, that fantastic happiness hormone that sends us to expand, feeling serenity and harmony, making us able to apply compassion in a conscious state of gratitud.


Returning to the scene described above, notice consciously how even your feelings of listening to the first part of the conversation:


“My mother-in-law is divine! I love the way she loves my husband and the selflessness with which she treats her husband, my father-in-law.”

Al continuar con ...y... en lugar de pero, estas invitandote a incluir otros pensamientos positivos...creando una atmosfera serena y creativa...

When proceeding with … And… instead of but, you’re inviting yourself to include other positive thoughts… creating a serene and creative atmosphere…

and how you feel at a contraction when reading the second part predeceived by the Virus Pero.


“But if you saw how he loves to criticize everything I do? I can’t stand it!”

No hay pero que valga... para que crearte una situacion adversa?

No but it’s worth… to create an adverse situation for you?


Of course it is possible to report that the in-law has a tendency to criticize… however in an informative way, not criticism… We’ll see you later.


Damage caused by the use of the virus But

  • We cut from slash an affirmation that was making us feel expanded when judging
  • We we poison when sending the signal to the brain that something is wrong,
    • y sends us cortisol making us feel in contraction
    • facilitating the possibility of generating other negative feelings that lead us  more and more to a state of contraction and the consequent excessive emission of cortisol as
      • fear
      • anxiety
      • envidia
      • lack of clarity
      • intent distortion
      • coraje
  • Block our ability to evolve into more and more expansion as it diverts us to a confusing and fearful path by being under the effect of cortisol (fear)
  • You can back in a vice, becoming more and more addicted to cortisol
  • We get out of the way to positive and constructive action by taking us the other way around


Although I want to emphasize the fact that cortisol is a formidable chemical that can often save our lives… if it is not produced constantly as when we constantly worry about various real adverse situations only in our imagination.


Si. Yes. Now the question is:


How can I get out of the harmful effect of excess cortisol? 


Changing your movie script continuing on the path of gratitude…



The antidote … And…

This antidote allows us to describe naturally and objectively something that could be considered negative by the word BUT, which invites us to judge. It is the way of being able to simply take note of factors that we need to consider when expressing our ideas without judging or complaining, simply by describing the fact that our attention is.
Let’s go back to our negative script:


But if you saw how he loves to criticize everything I do? I can’t stand it!”

El virus PERO invita a pensamientos negativos que te haran sentir en contraccion...
The BUT virus invites negative thoughts that will make you feel in contraction…


What do we need to do to keep the sweetness with which we start the conversation still in that same tone?


Thank. Thank. Thank You. 


Thank you for life’s challenges knowing that a fortune greater than the tragedy will emerge from that difficult situation.


For example:


“My mother-in-law is divine! I love the way she loves my husband and the selflessness with which she treats her husband, my father-in-law.”


Decide quedarte en la onda positiva y creativa, aplicando ...y... cuando estas por decir algo que podría ser considerado negative
Decide to stay on the positive and creative wave, applying … And… when you’re about to say something that could be considered negative; the virus but invites you to judge, to go for contraction and stress…

“And it’s a fact that he likes to criticize everything I do, because in his mind he just wants what’s best for his son, and I understand it perfect.”


La felicidad es contagiosa
Use gentle words and activate the magic you are

Close your eyes and notice the difference you feel by reading the purple text or the red text. 



Now, aimed at describing the in-law without criticizing the in-law, only having described the fact that she likes to criticize what she does, our protagonist is in the thank-you flow and continues:


“How much I thank you for bringing my children’s father into the world. We were born in different times and countries so it’s normal for us to think differently. I take what you tell me as a suggestion that can lead me to better understand your son, my beloved husband.”

La alegria es contagiosa! Permanece en la onda gentil hoy, y asi sera tu futuro
Joy is contagious! Stay on the gentle wave today, and so it will be your future



Fortunas generated by the use of the antidote … And…


  • We allow ourselves to grow in appreciation,  not allowing us to enter criticism or judging but to listen instead
  • We enrich in harmony sending the signal to the brain that everything is perfect as it is  and sends us endorphins  making us feel that feeling of expansion that goes hand in hand with “I feel good”, facilitating the possibility of generating other positive feelings  such as appreciation, humility, inclusivity, positive creativity, joy, health!
  • It causes the natural flow of  our ability to evolve into more and more expansion by clearly heading towards the path of what makes us happy
  • You can return in a wonderful habit making us increasingly addicted to endorphins, responsible for our serenity, clarity, calmness, peace, self-esteem and therefore esteem for others.
  • We leads to positive and constructive action, with great desire to share with  Neighbors we hold dear in this expansive state of gratitude


How to choose the antidote … And…  
It is very important to be aware that the most important person for you is you. Yes. Because when you are at peace with yourself you will understand everyone, without criticizing or judging, and instead you will feel desire to listen.


Do you agree?



Then don’t put buts yourself!!
  • If you have trouble not saying but, don’t put yourself buts! Let it happen and just realize what’s going on.
  • Date the opportunity to ask you how harmful you think this virus is and what the value of its antidote is, which allows you to stay in the initial state of harmony by simply describing something objectively and without criticism, communicating in peace and calm your idea.
  • Decide to consciously observe what effect it causes on you and others who use this wonderful antidote that allows the description of an event impartially and clearly, without judging  Just watch and participate always applying this antidote
  • Spend a week using this antidote  and count as when using … And…   continue your communication in a state of serenity… there is no but worth… 🙂
  • Remember that what you resist persists
  • Learn. Learn. Learn… and apply what you learn


Remember that you are creating your own bubble. Each of us lives in the reality we provoke by staying in a state of Gratitude (health, abundance and well-being insured) or in a state of fear (guest illness, deficiency and discomfort).



Creating the fertile ground so you can decide your path to “I feel good”

  • Sleep well
  • Eat Healthy
  • Stay away from toxic substances, whether word or substance
  • Exercise your body
  • Appreciate everything and everyone around you
  • Read books that nourish your spirit
  • Medita
    • walking in nature
    • observing the purity of a child
    • thanking the sunset
    • appreciating the perfection of your body
  • Celebrate! 


You choose?


Share your point of view with us and let’s get rich together!

What tips do you plan to apply from today to improve your language of a happy life?

Include your comments below and let’s celebrate together!


Thank you so much!



And there’s more!

I’ll wait for you next June 30 where I’ll share with you my experience with the virus “I can’t“, and its antidote “Always Can!

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