I have to? I choose!

Good morning from Mexico, my home country!


What a joy to greet you from this colorful country to continue our talk about
the importance of a language of happy life… provoking our serene reality…


For those who have not been with us since the beginning I welcome you, asking you to check on my blog dated May 8 the beginning of this presentation: The Language of a Happy Life, result of my own experience.


I realize how the first fifteen years of my life I lived them in fear and sickness, and as if by “waking up” to the reality that we are all great, from the chapulin to the mosquito, the orchid and to you and I, I entered a state of constant harmony and peace, living in eternal state of thanks.


I just returned from the craft market at San Miguel de Allende to decorate some new spaces in Villas Xichu, Holistic Center of Happiness founded in 2001 through me. I cordially invite you to come and relax letting our team and our villas love them within the framework of 12,000 square meters of spectacular gardens.


Mexico, color, arte y alegria

Living in color is happiness


Color, joy and art. This is Mexico!


Frida Kahlo, artista mexicana emblema del si se puede!

Frida Kahlo, Mexican artist emblem of the si can!


Viva la Vida tells us Frida Kahlo… and passionately joined we continue!


Well, before it’s dinner time (accompany me?), let me share my experience with the I have to and your antidote I choose!



The I have to!


This virus has taken root in the being of humanity in an impressive way. Moreover, no one realizes that this word may be the subject of so many frustrations and conflicts.


We are used to expressing  at all times possible how much we have to do and how much that overwhelms us.   We imagine that we do not reach the time before we start our activity, and we are already in a state of anxiety just thinking about all that we have to do…


Unless is not like this!!! …


What do I mean by this?


Let’s look at the following example:


Tengo que, la manera perfecta para atraer imperfeccion y estres

I have to, the perfect way to attract imperfection and stress


Uffff! I’ve got so much to do!


Go for the kids to school, cook, go to the bank to pay the bills, and I still have so much work to do!!!


What am I going to do!!!


How much I’d like the earth to swallow me!!!


I’m sold out!



Sounds familiar? And the truth is that there is no escape to this… unless…



What’s going on in your brain?


When you imagine you have too much to do, your brain catches that there is an alarm state to your “see” those negative images that tell you you won’t finish, which depending on your point of view will cause you serious problems.


The brain feeling you’re in “danger” sends you the stress hormone, cortisol. Your cells contract, and fear 😳 fills you. So before you start what you have to do  you’re already exhausted.


Your bad mood is contagious… so you’re sure no one is willing to help you… maybe because you can’t see that the people around you would actually want to help you…



But it doesn’t have to be like this!



The Antidote Icojo

Let’s go back to our protagonist, only instead of drowning in the endless things he wants to do, he appreciates his reality when choosing his actions without criticizing or judging himself.


Cuando escoges tus acciones en lugar de permitir que te sean impuestas estas atrayendo la propia libertad...

When you choose your actions instead of allowing them to be imposed on you, they are attracting one’s own freedom…


How good I read the book of Gloria! Now I know how to free myself from the pressure I created myself!


It is true that no had to go for the kids to school… I chose send them with the school truck and my life changed!


Nor is it true that I had to cook! They opened a home-cooked restaurant that also serves at home and already with this when I get home we have warm food and there is no hurry or pots to wash. 


Y… Best of all, now that choose my actions come up with much more efficient and clear solutions like paying my bills online. So simple! But the pressure didn’t let me see clearly… And now we even have more high quality time to share in family!


Y in the office the change is noticeable! With the peace I feel now, I can see that asking the team for help not only results in a better job done, but now I have time to even take a break and create new projects while savoring me a cup of my favorite infusion!


What’s going on in your brain?


As long as our protagonist stops betraying himself not doing what he doesn’t want to do (I have to… ), facing your challenge openly, you can see the options out there and choose the one that convinces you the most. The brain captures that there is a state of serenity and commands to produce the hormone of happiness… and voila! Your cells expand allowing cosmic wisdom to fuya in your physical body ensuring your health, abundance and well-being.


Remember that you have a very powerful weapon at the tip of your 👅 tongue. And that the power of the word is immense. Use it carefully!


What to do to eradicate this harmful virus?


  • It is essential to stay in the Now, as problems need time to occur. At the present time there is no such possibility and problems become only challenges with multiple solutions
  • Breathe. Breathe back into how the lungs expand, letting into oxygen that, pumped through the heart ❤️ reaches our entire body through the veins and arteries
  • Feel how you start breathing more calmly, giving you the time to appreciate what’s around you
  • Smile! Now that you’re more relaxed, you can see more clearly that there are no moros with tranchete attacking you. Review the situation and decide more clearly
  • Smile again, even more aware of how beautiful life is. Maybe not the way you wanted it yet. The important thing is that you see it a little better… one smile at a time
  • Now you do feel that there is nothing you need to do. But is in your hands to choose what you really want!


And you, who choose?


Be  the boss of your life or be a slave to the circumstances? Neither option is bad or good.

It’s just a choice, your choice.


It is possible that it is already a habit for you to choose anxiety… so be gentle with yourself and be patient as you watch the way you talk to serenity. one smile at a time.
Do this for a week. Just a week… and share with us how using this antidote choose changes your life.


I know that it changed my life immensely… and so much I want to share how good it feels to be free and choose exactly what is in congruence with oneself… Ahhhh… what freedom…


Now I live in  a very contagious state of joy and content, always feeling that my tank of happiness overflows with feeling as those around me choose to remember the greatness that we all are and smile at me…


We read in the next one!


Do you want to know how not to live in the doubt generated by  the virus Y Yes?

Visit us next August 30!


Pensamientos felices, vida feliz!

The way you talk determines the perspective from which you see life.


Remember that you have great power at the tip of your tongue. Use your words consciously… soaking them with tolerance and kindness to create a happy life.


A thousand blessings!


And please share your experience with us… Together we are more contagious towards a life in peace and health.


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