The Big Lesson and the Little Parasite

“Oh, what a disgrace it seems to be

The real fortune that really is

Having a little intruder lodged in your Self

In the deepest part of your interior, this is



As the fever all my skin invaded AND

Viva I felt, with all that commotion in me

For having the opportunity to thank all my sore skin

For the daily services you kindly give me endlessly


Recalling Mr. Emoto’s comment

That we are 70% magical and live water!

Kindly to MI water help I asked you:

“Help me lead the intruder out!”


Between dreams and coughing fits

I felt the little intruder dance and jump

As my personal soldiers gently

They helped the intruder in my system get out.


It took two nights of dancing to conclude

This great lesson this little bug taught me:

That we all have the right to coexist in great peace

Let’s all walk together smiling as we pass”

If you catch a cold, or if you have a stomachache, enjoy it!

You are being invited to be invited to meet your body kindly, to appreciate how your body miraculously manages to restore itself.

And all this, thanks to a small intruder, a bacteria or a virus that managed to overcome the control of your immunity system … enjoy the trip, and when your guests have left, you will be stronger and more aware of who you really are.

What a skewer!

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