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Ahlan wa Sahlan from Dubai! Back after you’ve visited Mexico, Líbano y Arabia Saudita, preguntándoles como les ha ido con la aplicación del Lenguaje de una Vida Feliz?

I am delighted to start with a theme closely related to the Language of a Happy Life: that of the inner technology that allows us to separate ourselves from guilt and criticism for simply be; just be in peace and harmony as Mother Nature does.



The inner technology at its best! Celebrating is evoked through happy experiences...endorphins are produced and health, wealth and wellbeing are guaranteed... Our   Interior Technology is foolproof!  Being in a state of celebration through happy experiences caused by being in a state of gratitude causes our brain to produce endorifins, the hormones of happiness, ensuring our health, abundance and well-being.


The Inner Technology


I’m happy to share with you my experience with happiness and its app based on the indoor technology.


First of all I would like to define the following terms according to my life perspective to avoid misunderstandings by semantics.


What is happiness?


I define it as the art of being especially grateful in difficult times.



What is gratitude?


It is the application of kindness, compassion and tolerance.


What is kindness, compassion, and tolerance?

These are the cosmic bonds that unite us with the Creator to be guided in our lives according to our dreams and passion.



Who is the Creator?


It’s that life force that creates in constant motion… it is a great and mysterious Taaan force that causes me a feeling of stupor, of wooooww that leads me to feel extreme admiration and gratitude to such an extent that the intercellular space in my body opens causing the Light that I think Fluya in my body in a free and natural way.


Alineada con la Fuente, todo fluyeAligned with the Source, everything flows… Ahhhhh…



Indoor Technology Bases 


There is neither good nor wrong, only different


Starting from this premise, we no longer enter the world of criticism and judging… including ourselves. Now I can accept that  I am perfect, JUST YOU!


This premise returns us to our natural state, neutral and open to receive and create without limits.


Cuando entiendes la grandeza del Creador, sabes que toda su Creacion es amor y luz...y el amor propio te embarga
When you understand the greatness of the Creator, you know that all his Creation is love and light… and self-love engulfs you knowing, feeling, that you are also a Divine Creation.


Our Source only creates perfection and beauty 


I’m perfect, just like you!


When I can see my perfection as a result of our Creator only creating perfection and beauty, then I can see perfection in everything around me! Mosquitoes, scorpions, mountains, birds, microbes, orchids, you and me…



My body is a divine gift that allows me to travel in this Feast called Earthling


Without your body you can’t enjoy this life. Don’t even suffer in it. You can’t do anything.
The moment you recognize the miracle that is your existence, you begin to feel a feeling of enormous stupor when you see yourself in the mirror heading to your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, skin as something MILAGROSO that can see, smell, taste, feel… and now you do automatically recognize the divine light that travels within you body to make you breathe….
And each of your 50 trillion cells “sing” in unished the hymn to life, you being the conductor.



Live here and now


Now that you know how to recognize who you really are, you feel (don’t think) how the way you walk. As you walk you can feel the love of the little ants on the sand that their empires make under the beach… and as you observe them you feel such admiration that you take the time to admire them.


The intercellular space in your body opens and the Light flows, sending you to a state of harmony, calm and peace. And your cells, happy, come together in total health so that your breath and your whole body function in total unconditional love… for you.


I recognize my talents and gifts, declare them and share them with everything!


Now that I know, I just feel, that I’m perfect, I no longer need to get to, but to return to my own greatness. Finish the race “up” even if it’s against the current to now just flow.

I know that’s what makes me feel good by applying my talents by sharing at all times. Passion takes me by the hand and I no longer get tired because I do not lose my energy by doubting, judging or criticizing. Now genre energy seeing greatness in everything and at all, taking action being my GPS the destination “I feel good”


Take action 


Now yes, without a doubt, I walk through life doing what I like the most, creating with everyone… constantly moving, singing, thanking, speaking the Language of a Happy Life (grateful)


I’m the very happiness 


Now that the student is ready, the Master simply appears. Mother Nature guides me to every breath…
Birds making their nests, ants hauling and digging, rain giving us life, my eyes that can see… feel like everything is extraordinary. 


Not to be teaching or trumpeting. Simple and naturally just being contagios@s 


In this state of peace and content, I understand that everyone has the right to think and feel different. Just like you and me. I don’t feel the need to impose my ideas. I only spread my joy… because happiness is contagious…



What’s going on in my brain?


The commander of my body is the brain


Without the brain my body doesn’t move, it doesn’t digest, it doesn’t do anything. He is the total commander of my existence as an Earthling.



The commander of my brain are my ideas coupled with emotions


There is neither hell nor heaven. Not bad not.


We are governed by two very deep and antagonistic feelings: fear or gratitude.



Fear, our best enemy 


When I’m afraid, the perfection of my brain causes me to produce a drug that will help me escape or defend myself: the stress hormone (cortisol, adrenaline).


Ell Fear is the product of judging or criticizing others or myself.   I’ll think of things that make me feel oppressed, nervous, agitated… I’ll see motorcycles with tranchete and I’ll be aggressive and defensive. The intercellular space in my body will close and the Light that created me will not flow.


The brain doesn’t know if I’m being followed by a mammoth or if I’m thinking the money isn’t enough for me. The brain just feels the anguish I’m feeling and takes action by sending the stress hormone to every moemtbo: in the car, in the shower, in the office.   Whenever I worry, he’ll send me this drug that can save my life as much as kill me…



Pensar negativo te esclaviza a malos humores, juzgar y criticar...Negative thinking enslaves you to bad moods, judging and criticizing by preventing constructive action; our inner technology is foolproof: in this state of fear the brain will produce cortisol so that you “run away or defend” even if it’s only from worrying assumptions that you don’t have enough money, beauty or love… And you block yourself…



Thank you, my guaranteed connection to our Creator 


Now that, spontaneously, instead of criticizing and judging to take action proactively, sharing with everyone, including in my existence, my brain feels like I’m at peace. So there’s no need for me to produce cortisol so that I can defend or climb… instead have the happiness hormone secreted: endorphins… my intercellular space opens and the Light I believe flows peacefully.


I smile and the brain sends me more endorphins. My  health, abundance and well-being are guaranteed


Ahhhhh. And contagion is imminent. 



Pensar positivo (agradecido) te hace generar imagenes que te impulsan a lograr lo que te propones porque lo ves ya realizado...I am the captain of my brain by feeling appreciation causing mental  gentile and empowering images; inner technology causes happiness hormones (endorphins) produced and so you can clearly see your way: who you are and where you’re going, Captain! 



Taking Action: First I know, then do to finally have 


Knowing how indoor technology works I know it’s not about me being more or less, better or worse, fatter or desiest, or more of this and less of that.


Now I’m free to blame or blame me. To criticize or criticize me, because these poisonous actions based on fear and comparison and imposition cannot exist in a grateful environment.


Can you feel appreciation and judge at the same time? Impossible.


Thank you leads you to flow. And flowing leads you to Create, being your guide that inner light that is also our Creator.


And you, how do you plan to connect with your indoor technology?

If you’ve already been with us for the past eight weeks when we talked about the program The Language of a Happy Life that  you will already be aware of the different ways to calm your body to prepare  a connect with yourself and the Creator,

  • Feeding it with raw materials only
  • Getting Enough
  • Hydrating it by drinking plenty of water
  • Oxygenating it through body movement
  • Practicing gentle acts with you and your neighbour
  • Giving the best of you



There’s always more! Up to 30.9!


The next 30.9, from Bhutan, we’ll be professing more about how you can also decide whether to be a slave or captain of your brain.   We will be talking about the effects of judging and criticism, and how we can replace them with listening, opening the door to a more relaxed and pleasant life.


Send me any comments, reviews or questions you have. Together infeling, one smile at a time.

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Abrazar es vida! Abraza y contribuye contagiosamente a la felicidad mundial, no solo la personal...s life! Embrace and contribute contagiously to global happiness, not just personal happiness…


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