The Power of Trust

Whenever I think of  my sweet husband Ibrahim, magic commences to spell its effect on me…my creativity level rises, my heart beat increases and my ability to smile explodes…


Whenever I meet my “twin sister” Sarah, there is a huge movement in the Universe making me feel like flying, celebrating together the power of trust.


What is trust, if not the ability to recognize that everything is perfect just the way it is?


The ability to Understand that the more you believe in someone else, the more you will enable yourself into the power of Together we are better…now both of you will move in the direction of your dreams.


When you deposit your trust in life, you don’t need anymore to select who you will trust or who you won’t trust. You will simply trust, shining, just like the sun does. The sun doesn’t choose upon who it will shine… 💥✨🌟🔥it just shines!!!


It is the same with us. If we just trust, then the Universe will trust us. So whenever someone does things differently, we won’t go towards feeling disappointed nor hurt. We will automatically apply compassion and kindness…


In so doing, we will have allowed a new perspective to tint our life with happy colors. And we won’t stop trusting just because one person chose a different color than ours.


It’s like if you chose to stop dreaming because you had a nightmare.


Please keep on dreaming. Keep on trusting. And you will be living…alive.


What do you choose?

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