The Power of Trust

El poder de la confianza


Every time I think of my admired husband Ibrahim, the magic begins to have its effect on me… the level of my creativity increases, the rhythm of my heartbeat in-rapids and my ability to smile explodes…


Every time I meet my “twin sister” Sarah, an immense movement in the Universe breaks out by sending me on an effervescent flight, celebrating together the power of trust.


What is trust if not the ability to recognize that everything is perfect as it is?


The ability to Understand that the most we believe in in another the most we allow ourselves to enter into the force of “united we are”… now we both moving towards the realization of one’s own dream…


When you place your trust in Life, you no longer need to select who you trust and who you don’t. You just trust, shining, exactly as the sun shines. The sun does not choose over who shines… ⭐⚡💥✨🌟🔥… it just shines!


It’s the same with us. If we simply trust, then the Universe trusts us. So when someone does something “different,” we won’t decide to feel let down or hurt. We will automatically apply compassion and kindness.


In this way, we will have allowed a new perspective to color our life with cheerful colors! And we won’t stop trusting just because a person chose a different color from our own.


It’s like deciding never to dream again just because you had a nightmare!


Please… he’s still dreaming… still trust…. And so you’ll be living… viv@.


What do you choose?



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