Traveling, new experiences, new friendships, what joy!

We have the great joy of being frequent travelers since I was born, and this taste for knowing new lands and contrasting with new cultures continues in our Kurdi-Beléndez family.

What wonderful experience can we offer than to be (whether in a group of forty or more family members, or alone in the company of Godito) constantly thanking new horizons?

It is incredible, but even if the trip is to a surrounding city, it is always reason for joy and enthusiasm to know that soon we will be enjoying the company of different people, delighting you with new flavors and different landscapes.

They say academic education is very important. But honestly speaking, I think that there is nothing that equals the power of travel, for it is being in new and unknown situations that we learn to “take out our internal antennas” in order to understand new ideas, cultures or nations.

Living in constant contrast is a great way to provoke ever-expanding new realities, motivating us to be more tolerant and wise. allowing us to live the living life ALIVE.


Happy Journey!!!

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