Unity is Strength

Welcome back to Happinessland!

I love to welcome you to this wonderful platform where we share our happiness, and how we can maintain our health, abundance and well-being.

Now in Mexico, at Villas Xichú, San Miguel de Allende, preparing to receive those of 200 people and 60 expert happinizers , during the celebration of Festival of Happiness from 16-19 March 2018, I share with you the power of unity… of faith, which will always take you to destinations that you didn’t even know existed.

Pure indoor technology in action.

Temazcal. The womb of Villas Xichú

When the intention is stable, rooted, and aligned with the forces of the cosmos, there is nothing that can hinder the natural consequences of that faith.

Be. Just be.

See with the eyes of the heart, without hesitation, even if everyone around you cannot see what the eyes of your heart see; and even if they make fun of you, it doesn’t affect you because you know you’re “seeing” with the Creator’s eyes. Being a Creator yourself.

When you just go your way… smiling, enjoying, singing, appreciating even what would seem  an obstacle, you’re causing your brain 🧠 to prepare the production of endorphins… the intercellular distance opens and the Light of Source flows in your Light Meridiens, keeping you in a state of clarity and calm.


And you just sing, appreciate, thank, celebrate.

And if someone else is with you in your internal projects, the force is much more powerful. Increase the company to  three… it’s exponentially higher…

Only three weeks ago I did not know that a temazcal would be built to celebrate in a deeper way the festival of happiness in my beloved Villas Xichú.

On my past trip to Mexico, I met Patty Gonzalez and her son, my now “nephew” Arnulfo.

The “re-encounter” was magical… Patty, Arnulfo and I cosmically understood that we were One, each with the own  unique and unrepeatable “vehicle”, being  that same Light that we all are.

And so… the temazcal was born in Villas Xichú. The womb of this sacred place dedicated to  people who come remember their own greatness… the greatness that we all are.

Faith in photos

Before I met you, I felt you .. Arnulfo Mancera Construction Director

Temazcal at Villas Xichu and director of the music program of the happiness festival

Patty, mother of Arnulfo… my soul sister.

The power of filial love is reflected in  the construction of this temazcal…

The power of the sisterhood… thanks to Patty I met Arnulfo… at Villas Xichú!

Legacy, tradition, history… our Mexico.
Don Patrocinio, his son and relatives building this master piece, led by great intuition.

No calculators… Unpretentious. Actions only.

The magic begins. “Patroncito” Arnulfo in action.

Ploting. Planning. Dreaming.

A hole was made to allow movement when making the roof of the dome that will be the temazcal

The Ideal Place. Now level!

Asking permission…

Mother Nature Love

And we start!


Orientation to the East has already been calculated, not northward.

Special wedge

And we start

Thank you guys!

Three generations of boveda (vault) -builders


The Holy Hand

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of life coupled with the perfection of practice

And I come from Dubai to be miraculously received by this divinity. Wow! Just arrived from that long trip… What joy.

National pride of our traditions and legacies.

Only with passion…

… you reach this perfection

No calculators


Visiting the ancestors

Woooww! A perfect star with the four cardinal points defined

Pure magic






Next Day (12.3.18)

Let’s cover the boveda

Good morning!

Almost… now to cover it

Bringing the “jicara” to get wet with cold water… my Nephew is the action itself!

Let me breathe… it was a bit heavy to carry from all the way down…

Isaac and Saris… magnificent dualities

“They see it as incomplete,  however it’s already ready”

This was a magical moment. Arnulfo was commenting to our guests technical and traditional details regarding the temazcal, knowing that in three more days, on March 15, 2018, he would have to be ready for the happiness festival that would begin on March 16.

You could still see there was a lot to do. And without anyone asking him anything (the truth I never hesitated), he commented as one who says “it’s hot”:

“You see it as you see it (incomplete) but you’re ready.”


The indoor technology in full action: veil done and done! “Even if it’s not there.”

And we continue inside

Paloma! Part of the construction of Villas Xichú… wife of Humberto our beloved builder for almost 20 consecutive years.


Carrying my jacketsent to me by Kinley from Bhutan, blessing this moment of celebration.

The future womb where the Burning Stones will be placed, that will be the “engine” of the temazcal, the “grandmothers” as these volcanic stones are called.

Now the surrounding gardens

In 3 more days the total completion is expected

Here will be the container of the celebratory fire


Always present with a smile, masons who are more than wise artists… wowwww…

Thanking Mother Earth overnight as we spread tobacco and light palo santo

Candle from Sant Charbel… Lebanon, connecting the East and the West…

Putting the grass

Ready! March 15, 2018. On time. Thanks to the team work of dozens of people… thank you….

And you? How do you apply inner technology?

Realize that it’s up to you, how you see life for miracles to happen to you.

Life is a miracle 

Be aware that if you can see, you can hear, you can digest, you can breathe… you are a miracle of creation.

If your 50 trillion cells are working harmoniously and in Perfect Unconditional Love, why not your thoughts?

Stay in total gratitude. No matter what… and you’ll feel the miracle that you are. That we all are!

How to stay in a state of constant gratitude?

  • Nutrite well, thanking every bite you ingest
  • Serene sleep, resting at least 7 continuous hours, feeling gratitude for your magical body, resting
  • Move your body with the intention of consciously and gratefully oxygenizing it
  • Appreciate everything you have, feeling, knowing, that you don’t need anything
  • Rejoice over the well-being of others
  • Believe in your own divinity, knowing that we are all Divine creatures, even insects
  • Know that everything is perfect just the way it is and that everyone is divine
  • Always find the bright side, especially in “tragedies”
  • Embrace others with admiration and affection
  • Thank your parents for your life

As for me, I will continue passionately to share my joy, my devotion to life, the way I consciously live in such a miracle, having understood the power of the inner technology.


Put your experiences with happiness  (which includes tragedies turned into fortunes) in the space down here and smile!

See you on the first of April!

With more of the benefits and history of temazcal and the benefit that gives you to be in tune with yourself

God bless you!!!

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