What is staying happy?

How can one stay happy at all times?, you may want to ask;  what is staying happy ?



If you stay in the Present Moment, focusing on the rhythmic of your breathing, you’ll realize you’re not breathing.

It is God who breathes you and who is breathing all living beings on the planet, at the same time, with the same air.

You are not and will never be alone, if you choose to open yourself to the Universe and live in the Here and the Now… realize a spontaneous way that you are Light, you are Love, you are a Divine Creation


If you concentrate in a calm way on the miracle that is breathing, now you can feel that Truth and say with the voice of your Inner Self: “I am Light, I am Love, I am a Divine Creation, as are all the inhabitants of the planet, all the members of the Universe.”

Talk to yourself, You are the best and the only person who can really know what you want; which is what motivates you.

If you’re feeling contraction, choose thoughts that will make you expand and replace them so you can feel relief and peace.

Focus on this feeling of relief (expansion) and continue to replace your shrinking thoughts (envy, fear, judge, anger, etc.) with expanding thoughts (generosity, gratitude, faith). Soon you’ll be chatting with yourself from the “I feel good” perspective without any blindfold covering your eyes.

You will be living in constant gratitude, in the climax of ecstasy in the form of continuous spiritual orgasms that make you feel LIVE.


He decides to be happy, every day.


Just believe it.

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