I do not whip myself, I admire myself!

How do you live your life? Remembering past mistakes and wishing I hadn’t made them? Bringing them to your present moment again and again, relive those bitter moments that brought you to feel bad, perhaps experiencing shame, fear, longing… And the months and years keep passing, and you keep latigating, punishing you for such a ‘tremendous mistake’?


If you breathe deeply and smile, preparing to see the situation clearly from the perspective of NOW, you will notice that you are bringing that unhappiness, that tension, by bringing those thoughts from the past to your present.


What’s the antidote? Admit it! If you admit that this error was caused by being in a new situation for you, and that at that time the action you took seemed the right one. Over time you realized and LEARNED that in the

Future, taking a different action would be more appropriate. Admire your ability to learn from mistakes…share what you’ve learned with anyone who has an interest in growing up with you… And keep walking, with a smile of satisfaction in the

Face and a prayer of gratitude in your soul.


Ahhh. What freedom…





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No Me Latigo, I Admire!

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