Why Try? Just do it!

Welcome to the course The Language of a Happy Life where I share with you how I came out effectively and definitively from the destructive world of “Poor Mi” and returned to the constructive world of “Great of mi>


Getting Ready


To get the most out of this course, invest yourself first.


This course will remain on my website, your happy home, so you can come when  adapt the time  to your itinerary.


An appointment to honor yourself


Make sure to make an official appointment with yourself and give yourself the time to enjoy! Feel how good it feels to know that you’ve allocated this time for you, simply because you’re worth it… and why  it’s worth putting all the attention to you.


With a smile on your heart while you have an appointment with your Inner Self, make the space for your encounter:


* Pack in an imaginary suitcase a all your earrings and challenges that are in the process of being resolved now and station it outside the door  for later solution.
* Sit in your preferred area; if possible surrounded by flowers or plants
* If possible ignite a candle in deep gratitude while watching carefully  the flame in connection with it.
* Intentionally becomes aware of your breathing; Visualize your lungs, heart and blood vessels work together in total harmony just for you: feel how you are being breathed in total unconditional love
* When closing your eyes, thank your respiratory system for being that test of unconditional love for you: those lungs have been breathing you since the day you were born, no complaints. Never.


Today we will talk about my experiences with the language virus of a happy life: the virus treat.





The perfect way to deceive yourself, to give yourself permission not to conclude or achieve what is agreed is to allow this word to enter our everyday language.


Imagine this scenario where you are Paty and your friend Pedro invites you to a dinner at his house.


“Hello Paty, how are you?”
“Well, thank you Peter!”
“I would love for you to come with us next Saturday at 7:00 pm to have dinner at my house. Mary will be there too! He told me that I haven’t seen you for over a year and he’s dying to see you..
You imagine seeing Maria and you really feel happy about the possibility of seeing her. So you answer:


Cortisol Reaction (I try to go)


Oh, thanks for the invitation! I’m going to try to come, for sure!
Close your eyes and feel how you’re opening up to the possibility of not attending the event.


Images created in your image factory are those of a vision doubtful and unclear of what will happen. Yes, you imagine how you’re hugging Maria, however you also find yourself enjoying the massage you had booked the week before that same Saturday.


You know you can’t be in two places at the same time. However, you’re not willing to take the time to choose A or B, so you get to a “I’m going to try, and if it doesn’t work, it’s going to be okay, too“.


So say goodbye to your friends with a unclear idea what you’ll do on your next Saturday.


Como? Pensar en Tratar es un virus?

Como? Mmmm… Yes… trying won’t allow me to complete the action…



Endorphin Reaction (action volumen immediate and I feel complete and at ease!)


What would you need to say to give your brain the order to visualize yourself hugging Mary in Peter’s house that Saturday?


Exactly! You’d have to take action!


You’d say, “Sure, I’ll come, let me see my calendar …”


You realize that day you had booked a massage at 6:30 pm. So mentally you take action and decide to move that quote while inserting in the 7 pm slot: Dinner with Peter. Meeting with Mary!


Taking Action


Willing to have a clear idea of what will happen on your next Saturday, you take action, taking out your cell phone:


Just a second Peter. Let me move my date with the Spa now before I forget!”


You call the spa and agree to move your appointment to a more convenient date.


Made Peter! Thank you very much for the invitation! I’ll bring a fruit salad as I know Maria loves it!”


You feel energized, happy to enjoy that fruit salad not yet existing with your friends. You’re already enjoying that wonderful approach to Maria. You feel happy…


Solo hacerlo, sin tratar, te llevara a darte permiso de completar la acción deseada sintiéndote completo y feliz

Just do it, untreated, it will lead you to give you permission to complete the desired action feeling complete and happy. Don’t try, just do it!



What’s going on in your brain?


The moment you imagine all that beautiful scene of you making that fruit salad with such joy, knowing that Mary will be so happy as you know that fruit salad is her favorite dish of all time, your brain, that she is getting the message: all serene, all quiet,  will send you the rewarding endorphins that will make you feel light, expanding, happy…


Your breathing rhythmically  will be oxygenating your body in a complete and efficient way while your smile will continue to signal the brain to all fine, and your 50 trillion cells, in connection with those endorphins will do their job in a harmonic way… causing your health and well-being


Why try when you can just do it!



Conquering the non-use of the virus treat


Follow the steps below to get to exterminate this irritating and dangerous virus:


  • Take consciousness that the word treat is a language virus of a happy life
  • Decide eradicate it from your happy language
  • Practice feel the difference between saying that wills&versus applying the antidote just do it!. Imagine different opposite scenarios
  • Date counts how the virus Treat sends you to a space of no-clarity
  • Understand How The Antidote Just Do It! sends you to an action plan very clear
  • Observ how others use the virus and detects the consequences of the derived
  • Learn the way others talk
  • Date a hug every time you realize you’re about to use the word treat, however you stop before doing so


What happens if I don’t use the antidote and I still use the virus to treat?


The decision to continue using the word treat is neither correct nor incorrect. It’s just an option. Your choice.


Using the word treat
  • You’ll be disappointed in yourself
  • You won’t be able to complete many of your goals
  • You will have many slopes that will cause leakage of your vital energy
  • Impress others as undecided and unreliable
  • You won’t improve your decision-making ability


Using the word Just do it!


  • You’ll be proud of your own achievements
  • You will enjoy the goals completed according to your plan
  • You won’t waste your energy by not spending it on imaginary slopes
  • You will be regarded as a reliable person, able to keep your word
  • You will perfect your decision-making ability


How you speak is an option: your choice


What do you choose?


The deceptive cortisol: alert not to fall into the trap


Cortisol can save your life! It’s the stress hormone, which will allow your body to do amazing things, such as lifting a car to save a person trapped under the tire or run away fast enough from a rabid dog that’s about to bite you….


However, if we are concerned all the time, feeling distress, our brain will detect that there is imminent danger and will be sending cortisol continuously, obeying dangers such as:


  • I won’t be able to keep my job
  • Money will not be enough for me
  • My boss just wants to humiliate me
  • My partner is having a romance
  • My child is taking drugs


The more you allow a worrying thought to live in your image factory creating in you a feeling of fear or anguish, the more your brain will feel the message “Alert! Alert! Danger!” And it will send cortisol to the “rescue“!


And cortisol, like endorphins, IS ADICTIVE.


Yes, it’s true that you’ll find it difficult to get rid of this stubborn virus (like all other viruses). After all, it’s a addiction!


You may be tempted to feel that you are failing to eradicate this virus. Just be nice to cortisol thanking you that the brain just wants to help you.   In this case  simply breathe with gratitude.


Me aprecio, te aprecio

I appreciate it, I appreciate you; self-esteem is the balance  that allows you to appreciate your neighbor

Hold on to appreciation. Breathe again, smile and allow yourself to continue thanking, feeling as little by little the calm engulfs you.


Now, with a smile in your heart consciously brings the action forward: Just do it! so  like when you enter an icy pool, and just go away.


Which option do you choose?


Y … Be patient.


Un just do it! at the same time.

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