Death is Life in Disguise

“I would be 13 or 14 years old when that day, while my granny Victoria was sewing on her pedal machine, and we talked soul things in total silence. Yes, that was my beloved granny, with whom I felt solidarity at all times and even complicity. It was the most natural thing in the world to be with her in the NOW without words that would invade our extreme communication… Ahhh…


I still hear the rat ratratraaaat of your sewing machine… while the right hand helped the coil to turn, and the left helped the fabric pass through the needle that vertically towards its work in harmonic and constant pulses.


What happiness, what peace, what joy to be in that one world of Tu and I… be in that magical world in which only the two of us were, without any possibility of being judged or judging; no scolding or “it’s right” or “wrong”… Ahhhh.. .what peace…


My imagination flew, as always, when I was with her; I saw it with the eyes of the soul, with great adoration, and of nothingness, I ended up breaking the strong silence with a question:  “Grandma, when you leave your body, will you come to visit me?”


Grandma perfectly understood the concept that Death is nothing more than The Life with Disguise.

He had worked for years in a hospital and on multiple occasions he had witnessed human pain when a loved one was separated from the family, leaving his body… But to continue living in his eternal spiritual form. without the limits that the earthly vehicle, our body, a gift from God, now weary, imposed on those people who freed themselves from it to follow their eternal path.

My grandma stopped his hair and what she was doing. He took off his glasses to see me with the eyes of his soul. and so, feeling UNA, our spirits dancing to the rhythm of this deep conversation, told me a phrase that has had a tremendous impact since that day in my life:  ” Of course my child! If you want, and you let me… “A little surprised by the question I said, “Of course I want to, and I will allow you!” I said with total faith, as our souls melted into this promise.

Grandma Victoria put her glasses back on and kept working as if nothing had happened.


If only I had then known the GREAT SERVICE that I had done with those two short answers:




Ahhhh… That joy is to feel your presence in me at all times! He’s even saved my life from where he is now: inside me.

I remember that time I was in Milano, Italy. My mind was engrossed in projects that occupied my attention as I walked through the busy streets of that beautiful city to the North of Rome. As I was about to cross the street, I felt a strong impulse that made me jump backwards. Not to one side or forward; towards back.

As soon as he had finished jumping backwards, he went on to a dizzying speeding a white vehicle… Sure, without the intervention of my grandmother Victoria, I would not be writing these words now… Again… Thank you Granny!

Grandma always makes me feel accompanied, with her eternal desires to pamper me; to accept me as I am… to feel as always everything is in place and as it should be, without worries or anxieties.

What peace… and when I want to visit her, or she to me, the door is always open. A door she left open when she answered, “… if you’ll excuse me, I will.”

Grandma is always present, alive, eternally.”


Dulcísima abuelita Victoria, siempre está con Gloria

Sweet Granny Victoria, she’s always with Gloria


Orgasms  Spiritual. Gloria Belendez-Ramirez

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