The word alone makes you feel complete

Family… what a privilege not to have to compete

You’re one, and one is your

And you just want the joys to come back


Family, a very common word in the dictionary

But you don’t need to be visionary

To understand that thanks to the family

Vibras, trembles, and algrely are always more supportive


Family, that one word says it all.

Whether you’re near or far away, it doesn’t matter

You feel the strength coming from your ancestors

And your descendants continue in that divine union


Family… Family… Family…

What a privilege it is to feel constantly

Whatever you do right now.

A direct hit will have on your descendants


My granny Victoria, with her value as a woman

He enriched my mother, educating her courage

And even though I wasn’t even born

Breathing Valor came to this world


Spiritual Orgasms. Gloria Belendez-Ramirez

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