Speak Grateful, Feel Happy

Knowing my body


What relationship does my body have with my Happiness?

As Earthlings that we all are, absolutely everything we do has to do with our body; the way we feel about our body determines the way we live.


Without this body we simply would not be on Mother Earth. The body is the vehicle that was assigned to us to come to this Feast called Life, and be able to understand the meaning of “Speak grateful, feel happy!


What is the Body?


When I was a child I had not understood my relationship with my body very well …more precisely, not at all…


I had not understood that it was the greatest gift anyone could had ever given me.


I had not understood that my body – and yours – is a Divine gift …without which we simply are not Earthlings…


Now that I understand … No, I don’t just understand, I know! … I learned to love it, to care for it, to admire it, to appreciate it, to thank it …


I learned to be...


After my “wake up” from wanting-not-to-live, I began to have constant experiences that made me understand the Power of our Thoughts more and more, one smile at a time.


Understanding now that my illness had been provoked by the fear under which I lived, I began to live in a more conscious way all the experiences that I lived.


When Antonio, my half brother, revealed to me at age 16 that I had epilepsy (I did not know) telling me that I could heal it with the power of my mind, I felt it was a huge opportunity to get out of my “loneliness”. ..


Antonio gave me the task to stop taking the medication and instead, appreciate my body daily, before bed and when waking up, thanking each part of it for the service it gave me. And so, that gratitude began to bear fruit …


Sending Positive Signals to the Brain, the Receiver of Your Images


How to help yourself to get out of contraction and go into expansion 

What is expansion?

It is our natural state of being. Scientists have proven that the Universe keeps on expanding…and so is everything contained in it. Including Earthlings. You and me. When you are in the state of expansion you feel light, you feel how the breath is more calm and harmonious..Literally the distance between the cells in your body increases in expansion…and you go into a feeling of awe…ahhhh….yes…The images produced in your image factory are  positive, creative, inclusive, limitless and generous. You feel good.


What is contraction?

It is the opposite of expansion. It is not our natural state of being; it is what we experience when we have thoughts derived from fear. The images produced in our image factory will be negative, limiting, contracting… you don’t feel good…


My back-to-greatness Process

At that time I did not understand what was happening during my daily appreciation trips: as I was creating images of appreciation for the parts of my body in which I concentrated with infinite love and kindness, I was sending the signal to my brain that everything was fine:

* At the time of “conversing” with my eyes, deeply surprised at the miracle that seeing is

* At the time of thanking my ears, astounded at the fact that I can distinguish between the voice of my mother and the little bird in the garden;

* At the time of admiring my sense of smell, absolutely amazed at how I can distinguish between coffee or tea, both of the them the same color;

* At the time of introducing a grape to my mouth and be able to appreciate its flavour …

* At the time of knowing that that grape becomes nutritional Stuff in my stomach thanks to the digestive system, who since I was born has been keeping me alive …


Although at first I did not feel any admiration for my ugly face but rather the opposite, the sense of wonder  caused by the fact that my eyes could see me in front of the mirror, admire the way my nose could catch different odors, or how my Dumbo ears could recognize different sounds was infecting My Me, and at the end of a certain time I began to recognize who and what my body was: a miracle that was more than I could ever understand…


I learned to feel a kind of reverence for the greatest gift that our body is: the
divine vehicle … marvellous, that allows us to travel in this Fiesta that we call Life.



The Greatest Gift Ever


I always wear three rings in my hands, which my dearest mother, father and husband gave to me. I never take them off as a token of gratitude and a tribute to them … but there is a gift even more miraculous than these rings: my body …


My Body (and Yours)


There is something that is common in all human beings: we all are.. Yes, we simply are.


And to be, we all breathe.


And to breathe and get oxygenized we all do it through the lungs, heart and blood vessels … present in our bodies.


In the same manner, we all have a brain that acts as the controller of our body functions…depending on the images we feed it with.



Creating the own reality by choosing our thoughts


* Let’s visualize the Brain as the receiver of the images that we send


* Let’s concentrate on basing the images we create on gentle thoughts, fertilized by a deep appreciation, feeling unlimited gratitude that sends us into expansion


* Notice how these grateful thoughts bring automatically beautiful thoughts. In this way you are creating our own happy reality, your own truth,  your taste and conviction.


Tricking the Brain for the own Benefit


The trick is to make the Brain believe that everything is perfect just the way it is. To do so we simply need to be aware that it is not the situation in which we are the one that overwhelms us, but rather the way we see the situation ...now we are ready to apply compassion by listening to the other party instead of judging or criticising.



How to change negative thoughts to positive?


Your imagination is your most powerful weapon … it is your image factory.


Mental Images dictate what hormone the brain will produce: cortisol (so you have the ability to escape or defend yourself) or endorphins (so that you go into expansion, feeling relaxed as harmony and peace reign).



Trick your brain!

So trick your brain and create your own happiness bubble! Let it be according to your own definition of I Feel Good. Create Your happiness. Not your Mom’s, Boss’, Friend’s. YOURS.



How You can trick your brain into the greatness that we all are


Simply change the negative thoughts into positive ones! How? Ask yourself: what is the good side of this situation that will take me from nagging into listening and appreciating?

For example:

* I am nobody -vs- I am beautiful, just like you

* Everyone wants to attack me -vs- I know that person is suffering, not that he/she wants to attack me!

* I’m sick of traffic! -vs- I love hearing my music while I’m in the traffic jam!

* I do not have enough money! -vs- How much I appreciate being able to buy this apple for my daughter!



How you speak determines how you act


If you have positive thoughts, your actions will also be positive. Otherwise, you will end up taking negative actions that will take you away from the path you really want to pursue: that of peace, health, abundance, and well-being.


In this course “The Language of a Happy Life I will be sharing with you how YOU can provoke your own happiness...by sharing with you  how I left the path of unhappiness and entered the path of happiness. My happiness.


Being happy is the greatest freedom! And I passionately want to share this treasure with you so that you, too, provoke that what makes you feel good.


As for me, I simply declared that “The only option I allow myself is to be happy and stay happy no matter what (by happiness I mean the art of being in a state of gratitude especially in times of challenge)”


The Language of a Happy Life




Next May 30 we will deal with the first virus on the list: the TRY virus versus the JUST DO IT! Antidote.


Discover how this little ruffian who is in the mouths of the whole world can prevent you, without you even knowing, from walking towards your dreams.


We’ll also talk about how to “install” the antidote: Just Do It! in a conscious way, giving you the tools that will enable you to direct your happiness as you understand it. YOU.


Call to action


Until next May 30! And meanwhile, have fun hugging your loved ones, including yourself!




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