Coming to terms with past challenges

Coming to terms with past challenges   For about the first fifteen years of my life I lived in a gloomy world...what seemed to be a life full of only challenges... Did anybody around me know it was gloomy? Well, it didn't seem so. I remember seeing the other kids in school socialise from my lonely spot during recess, fearful that someone would make fun of my corrective boots or of my … [Read more...]

Especially in times of challenge…gratitude!

Thank God we are regularly facing challenges. Challenges always hold the seed of an even greater fortune, if we dare to find them...   It is truly a magical fact: the obstacle- whose existence and "color" depends only on the color of the "filter" through which we see the circumstances- disappears through sheer application of unconditional love.   "Unconditional love? What … [Read more...]

What, who is a Loser?

  When I was a kid I remember adults around me saying that if I didn't study I would end up being a sweeper or a gardener. The adults were saying that, so I thought it must be true...however something inside of me was resisting to digest such information... Indigestion lead me to always, somehow, remember what the adults had said.   I became an adult myself and now I am certain … [Read more...]

Babying Your Child Can Cost You a Million Dollars!

Yesterday I was invited by founder  of  Mobile Aid Tariq Qureishy to join a wonderful charity event at the Capital Club in Dubai, Water:Charity and donating through smart phones.   Scott, the person behind deciding to change the lives of 800 million people who have no access to potable water created this movement in which also a young girl of nine decided to join the Donate Your … [Read more...]

Feeling the Need to Invite Mrs. What If?

  If you are a head of a family, school or company, or simply a student who is about to be tested, it is very very possible that even if you did your homework, you will invite doubt into your mind and say: "What if..."   This very famous character Mrs. What If is commonly and decisively invited by us, the ones who actually don't want her presence to confuse us or ruin or path to … [Read more...]