High school graduate? And now that?

Learning how to apply academic information in a practical way


This week we had the honor of witnessing the high school graduation of 20 students at Villas Xichu.


It was very significant for us to witness the celebration of the conclusion of such an important cycle in the life of a young adult, which is about to open another door: that of the academic specialization itself, preparing for a future sustentable and community.


Our Message

This was our message, which is really aimed at all high school world graduates; a message coming from the Heart:


Good night at all,


It is an honor for Villas Xichu to be able to witness his graduation…


This event is not just a party… is the celebration of years and years of efforts to gain mental tools to help them build a better community. Today we celebrate your graduation, and who was behind you at all times: your parents and your teachers.


Say That Knowing is Power 


Really? But what power can have the knowledge if not applied?


The question is: are ready for apply the knowledge you acquired during all these  years?


And…how do you want to apply them? Is it clear to you?


In the dizzying speed with which we are evolving through digitization, social networks  and constant advances in technology, there will come a time when the jobs that exist today will no longer exist… in less than a rooster sings…


In a recent interview the manager of Daimler Benz (Mercedes Benz) said that his competitors are no longer other car companies, but Tesla (obvious), Google, Apple, and Amazon


El cambio disruptivo will change most traditional industries in the following  5-10 years.


Uber is just a software tool, it has no cars of its own, and now they are the world’s largest car-taxi company.


Airbnb is now the largest hotel company in the  World and does not own a single hotel.


Artificial intelligence: 


Computers have exponentially become the best  in understanding the world. This year, a computer beat the world’s best GO player, 10 years ahead of expectations.


In the United States, young lawyers no longer get jobs because of IBM Watson, where legal advice can be obtained in seconds, with 90% accuracy when performed by humans is 70% and much longer. There will be 90% fewer lawyers in the near future…


Watson already helps with your computer nurses  in diagnosing cancer with 4 times greater accuracy than human nurses.


Facebook now has a recognition software pattern that can recognize faces better than humans.


Computers are expected to be smarter than humans by 2030.



Vehicular autonomy:


In 2018 the first self-driving vehicle will appear for public consumption. Around 2020, the automotive industry will be completely disrupted. There will be no need to park vehicles so parking lots will no longer exist, so green spaces will increase. Our children will no longer need driver’s licenses as they will no longer need their own cars.


This will change cities completely, as we will have 90-95% fewer cars by then.





1.2 million people die each year in car accidents worldwide. Now we have an accident  every  60,000 miles (100,000 km); with self-driving vehicles this number will drop  to an accident every 6 million miles (10 million km). That is, one million lives will be saved each year.


Most car companies will probably go bankrupt  while the technology companies (Tesla, Google) will make the Revolutionary approach by building a computer on wheels.



La Salud


El precio del Tricorder X  will be announced this year. It’s a medical device that works with your phone, scanning your retina, blood and breath.   It also analyzes the 54 biomarkers that identify almost any disease. In a few years the price will be so accessible that everyone on this planet will have access to almost free  doctors analysis.


Goodbye, medical establishment.


3D Printing


 The price of these copiers in 3D
has dropped by only 10  Years from $18,000 to $400 and is 100 times faster.


The major shoe industries already use this method for their production. Likewise, the aeronautical industry already reproduces the spare parts in this way, completely changing the maintenance method of its aircraft.


A six-story building by 3D printing has already been built in China. By 2027 10% of all that will be built will be by this method.


70-80% of current jobs will disappear in the next few years.


There will be a lot of new positions but it is unclear whether there will be enough new jobs in such a short time.


What is the place in the future of our graduates?


What I come to is: the only way to face the future “with the right foot” is to be connected to the inner self. To be aligned with our Creator through gratitude and kindness. And so, in that state of contentment and serenity recognize one’s greatness and automatically that of others.


Now we are ready to recognize what the gifts and talents themselves are and DECLARE THEM… applying them as we pull others with us in our happy life.


The Happy Future is in a happy inner self. 


And what is happiness? It is the art of being able to remain grateful above all in the difficult moments presented to us by life.


Be grateful to everything and everyone. Thank the greatest gift God gave you your unconditional services: your body.


Feed it well, lose it to sufficiency, exercise it constantly, caress it and above all serve it as the miracle which is.


Respect your father and your Mother wholeheartedly. This feeling of deep gratitude to those who gave them life will cause them to be in complete harmony with the universe.


It’s cosmic law. 


In that inner peace you can now apply the wisdom stored with Cosmic Wisdom and be supportive of your community from genuine happiness that will guarantee you health, abundance and well-being.


Gratitude applied at all times, especially in difficult times, is the way. The Way to All.


Gratitude only.




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