No But!

We create the bubble we  live in according to our thoughts   Good Morning!   It is a pleasure for me to greet you from Dubai and wish you all a Ramadan Kareem Welcome back to the course The Language of a Happy Life!   If you are reading this, then we are in tune, walking together in this fun path that is this party called life is.   Maybe you're not … [Read more...]

The Power of Mom

This weekend has been so fantabulous, so extraordinary…in a different way: I had the opportunity to attend to Brendon Burchard’s Seminar Expert’s Academy in Santa Clara, California. And as well, I got to feel what is truly the power of Mom.   It is not the power she has over her kids to tell them what to do. Not at all. It has to do with the generational energy; if you go to the Far … [Read more...]

Especially in times of challenge…gratitude!

Thank God we are regularly facing challenges. Challenges always hold the seed of an even greater fortune, if we dare to find them...   It is truly a magical fact: the obstacle- whose existence and "color" depends only on the color of the "filter" through which we see the circumstances- disappears through sheer application of unconditional love.   "Unconditional love? What … [Read more...]

Babying Your Child Can Cost You a Million Dollars!

Yesterday I was invited by founder  of  Mobile Aid Tariq Qureishy to join a wonderful charity event at the Capital Club in Dubai, Water:Charity and donating through smart phones.   Scott, the person behind deciding to change the lives of 800 million people who have no access to potable water created this movement in which also a young girl of nine decided to join the Donate Your … [Read more...]

Are We Really Guiding Our Kids?

  When I was growing up, child-raising was based on fear; on orders; on " is my way or the high way!"   In fact, I grew more and more convinced that I was good for nothing, lazy, stupid, ugly, malformed as years passed by. The things my parents told me, hoping to be strong and tough enough so that I wouldn't "grow crooked" convinced me of what they said, not of what they … [Read more...]

Feeling the Need to Invite Mrs. What If?

  If you are a head of a family, school or company, or simply a student who is about to be tested, it is very very possible that even if you did your homework, you will invite doubt into your mind and say: "What if..."   This very famous character Mrs. What If is commonly and decisively invited by us, the ones who actually don't want her presence to confuse us or ruin or path to … [Read more...]