Speak Grateful … Feel Happy

  WHAT RELATIONSHIP HAS MY BODY WITH MY HAPPY? As terrestrials we are, absolutely everything we do has to do with our bodies. Without this body we simply couldn't be in Mother Earth. The body is the vehicle that was assigned to us to come to this Party called Life, and to be able to understand what it means "Thank you, feel happy!"     WHAT IS THE BODY? When I was a child I … [Read more...]


The other day, while presenting the book that wrote to me "Spiritual Orgasms" in theFIL de Guadalajara,an American lady approached me telling me, "How do you do you do to do so much?"   And I, perplexed, said:   -"Me? Do so much?"   I was actually struck by his passionate comment, which shook me forcefully by sending me to seek in my memory that "so much do" to which this … [Read more...]

Healing As We Celebrate

While in Africa I found myself thanking God I got an email from far away Italy. It wasn't a message of joy like the only one. But one of "tragedy" between life and death.   "My dear Nikki is found grave in the hospital With the blood contaminated, and you see the thing very bad..." And while I was eating those lines, I communicated directly with God Our Creator will help her … [Read more...]

What is love?

During the different stages of my life I've always known That there's something in the air That makes me smile, or not   When I remember the girl in me I feel mixed feelings Since that girl allowed he himself to believe That the only truth was that no one wanted her.   While the Higher Truth through constant expansion Through space its powerful and magical energy sent Now I … [Read more...]

Connect Breathing

"And as I listen to the majestic sound of my own breath, I simply know that it is our Creator who is breathing us all at this very moment, and that we are all breathing, no matter where in the world, day or night, the SAME air. And being aware that all beings that inhabit the planet are breathing the same air at the same time, I feel accompanied... never again alone. n] How to feel lonely or … [Read more...]

Unconditional love and tolerance

You can transform any negative situation into a positive one, especially if you base your actions on unconditional love!   For example, imagine that your mind is a blender; see how you decide which ingredients to use in your smoothness...   Don't mud your blender when preparing your "emotional smoothness"... be aware that only you can decide which ingredients to use in YOUR … [Read more...]

Absolute faith

How can someone be happy, or even feel identified with this idea, if since birth you have seen nothing but aggressive and violent problems and words?   But... If you vividly observe Mother Nature and its absolute perfection, you come gently and deeply to the conviction that everything is perfect as it is... we come to the conclusion that we too, are children of God. We are Light, we are … [Read more...]

What time is it? NOW!

Welcome to the Third Pillar of the Workshop Decides to Be Happy and Keep You Happy WHAT HAPPENS!   I've been in the here and in the Now... you will see the miracles that will bring you to the realization of your dreams... Now if you will feel the limitless of your inner powers, of the light you are, united to the All... You have nothing left to take action, knowing clearly what you want, … [Read more...]

I do not whip myself, I admire myself!

How do you live your life? Remembering past mistakes and wishing I hadn't made them? Bringing them to your present moment again and again, relive those bitter moments that brought you to feel bad, perhaps experiencing shame, fear, longing... And the months and years keep passing, and you keep latigating, punishing you for such a 'tremendous mistake'?   If you breathe deeply and smile, … [Read more...]

I appreciate myself daily

  Maybe this is one of the hardest principles to come by. We care too much as our neighbour thinks, that we are criticized, that they understand us badly... and then we prefer to sacrifice our ideals, our plans, thinking that if we commit, we will be accepted more easily...   But I think this is the best way to betray us. Instead of appreciating each other, we criticize each other... … [Read more...]