Happiness is contagious … let yourself be contagious and soon you will also be infecting someone else!

What a pleasure it is every time I'm on a plane to Lebanon. And when I get to feel that my joy Dance and jump in my heart with singular algarabía   The Mother, the Father, Grandma, Grandpa Everyone starts crying when their loved ones see them coming They kiss his hand, and then his forehead And Grandma cries with joy while maintaining a non-indifferent smile...   Balloons, … [Read more...]


The word alone makes you feel complete Family... what a privilege not to have to compete You're one, and one is your And you just want the joys to come back   Family, a very common word in the dictionary But you don't need to be visionary To understand that thanks to the family Vibras, trembles, and algrely are always more supportive   Family, that one word says it … [Read more...]

Sorry Now!

I will always be very grateful to our Creator for allowing me to meet Master Chunyi Lin a couple of years ago. During the seven-day meditation seminar with Jeddah Mali in Minneapolis, USA, Master Lin gave us a talk about the power of Qigong, an Ancient Chinese practice that allows us to come into full contact with our Inner Self manipulating Universal Energy.   While we performed specific … [Read more...]

I do not whip myself, I admire myself!

How do you live your life? Remembering past mistakes and wishing I hadn't made them? Bringing them to your present moment again and again, relive those bitter moments that brought you to feel bad, perhaps experiencing shame, fear, longing... And the months and years keep passing, and you keep latigating, punishing you for such a 'tremendous mistake'?   If you breathe deeply and smile, … [Read more...]

I appreciate myself daily

  Maybe this is one of the hardest principles to come by. We care too much as our neighbour thinks, that we are criticized, that they understand us badly... and then we prefer to sacrifice our ideals, our plans, thinking that if we commit, we will be accepted more easily...   But I think this is the best way to betray us. Instead of appreciating each other, we criticize each other... … [Read more...]

Regret or Appreciate?

Dubai, October 7, 2013 … [Read more...]

The Power of Smile …

I had the privilege of visiting my dear friend and sister Rita Tellefsdal in Oslo, Norway, staying in her wonderful dream home overlooking the stunning nature that is all over Norway... a continuous smile at that sight. ..   About four years ago, we met online as we were both registered in a Robin Sharma online course. And, of course, the smile on his identity photograph appealed to me. … [Read more...]