Living the Mystery of the Unknown

I feel like I'm in front of the Gate, The Gate leading to the Unknown. I see intense rays of light appear And disappear, strangers.   I feel shaken a burst of energy Running all over my body in total synergy. All the cells in my body expand in harmony While I thank God for this new body with intense joy.   I start swimming in the waters of the Unknown I immerse myself with … [Read more...]

Dare to be yourself

I still remember that cold winter's day, when we went to visit my sister and my niece in the village of Neuss, Germany. As usual, I came out before sunrise while everyone was still asleep. How pleased I felt the cold of the cool wind on my face, a fantastic contrast with the sometimes excessive heat of the housing heating.   With great joy I felt the huge trees calling me. Ahhh. It was an … [Read more...]

Mother and daughter

cute princess The intense sigh That you rip out of my soul   Feeling asleep While you lie next to me Feeling intensely living We are one soul   If only you knew That when you're in my arms It's God I invoke Thanking your existence   There's nothing in the world That can never be compared What I feel my life When happy and safe I see you walking Spiritual Orgasms. … [Read more...]

The happiness is inside us

I have been very fortunate to have awakened to the reality that happiness is within us, thanks to a single event: the only presence of my dear father, upon entering my room in the hospital, with evidence that in reality, SI I WANTED. During the fourteen years before this event, I was convinced that I was not wanted at all, having confused the strictness of my parents with a lack of … [Read more...]

What time is it? NOW!

Welcome to the Third Pillar of the Workshop Decides to Be Happy and Keep You Happy WHAT HAPPENS!   I've been in the here and in the Now... you will see the miracles that will bring you to the realization of your dreams... Now if you will feel the limitless of your inner powers, of the light you are, united to the All... You have nothing left to take action, knowing clearly what you want, … [Read more...]

I do not whip myself, I admire myself!

How do you live your life? Remembering past mistakes and wishing I hadn't made them? Bringing them to your present moment again and again, relive those bitter moments that brought you to feel bad, perhaps experiencing shame, fear, longing... And the months and years keep passing, and you keep latigating, punishing you for such a 'tremendous mistake'?   If you breathe deeply and smile, … [Read more...]

I appreciate myself daily

  Maybe this is one of the hardest principles to come by. We care too much as our neighbour thinks, that we are criticized, that they understand us badly... and then we prefer to sacrifice our ideals, our plans, thinking that if we commit, we will be accepted more easily...   But I think this is the best way to betray us. Instead of appreciating each other, we criticize each other... … [Read more...]

Regret or Appreciate?

Dubai, October 7, 2013 … [Read more...]

Droplets of Happiness: The Complete Program

The Workshop Decide to Be Happy and Keep Happy WHAT HAPPENS in Happy Droplets: Monday and Thursday (NOT FRIDAY), in short videos. Visualize your project, sign it, believe in the   and watch it just manifest!   The publication of Spiritual Orgasms in Spanish is proof of this; " Happy Gotitas" is born as a tribute to faith... for  share with you the essence of life: … [Read more...]

The Changes of Seasons

Feeling cocky, sad or tense? Think of the yellow leaves of the trees, which announce a new season, autumn... manifesting beautiful and contrasting colors that enrich our senses, even if the tree seems to be sad, naked, deprived of its beautiful foliage...   When I feel that way, I know, like the fall of the leaves of the trees, which is temporary. I take a deep breath, thanking my … [Read more...]