Speak Grateful … Feel Happy

  WHAT RELATIONSHIP HAS MY BODY WITH MY HAPPY? As terrestrials we are, absolutely everything we do has to do with our bodies. Without this body we simply couldn't be in Mother Earth. The body is the vehicle that was assigned to us to come to this Party called Life, and to be able to understand what it means "Thank you, feel happy!"     WHAT IS THE BODY? When I was a child I … [Read more...]

Self-Permission and Its Power

    When you were little and didn't give you permission to eat that ice cream on a cold day, what did you feel?   Frustration...   Or when you later asked permission to go out with the groom and they denied it to you, what did you feel?   Frustration...   And now that you have the ability to be an adult to decide what you want or don't want to do, and you … [Read more...]


The other day, while presenting the book that wrote to me "Spiritual Orgasms" in theFIL de Guadalajara,an American lady approached me telling me, "How do you do you do to do so much?"   And I, perplexed, said:   -"Me? Do so much?"   I was actually struck by his passionate comment, which shook me forcefully by sending me to seek in my memory that "so much do" to which this … [Read more...]

Living the Mystery of the Unknown

I feel like I'm in front of the Gate, The Gate leading to the Unknown. I see intense rays of light appear And disappear, strangers.   I feel shaken a burst of energy Running all over my body in total synergy. All the cells in my body expand in harmony While I thank God for this new body with intense joy.   I start swimming in the waters of the Unknown I immerse myself with … [Read more...]

Feel gratitude for food

Next time you enjoy a meal, whether at home or at a restaurant, PAUSA, and again, PAUSA. Take yourself alone, so you can enjoy the moment at your own pace, feeling the vibration of the Moment. When your plate reaches your table, say: "How privileged I am, I have this wonderful delight to be palated while I feed my body, a gift from God, which allows me to be alive in this mortal life; … [Read more...]

Dare to be yourself

I still remember that cold winter's day, when we went to visit my sister and my niece in the village of Neuss, Germany. As usual, I came out before sunrise while everyone was still asleep. How pleased I felt the cold of the cool wind on my face, a fantastic contrast with the sometimes excessive heat of the housing heating.   With great joy I felt the huge trees calling me. Ahhh. It was an … [Read more...]

What is love?

During the different stages of my life I've always known That there's something in the air That makes me smile, or not   When I remember the girl in me I feel mixed feelings Since that girl allowed he himself to believe That the only truth was that no one wanted her.   While the Higher Truth through constant expansion Through space its powerful and magical energy sent Now I … [Read more...]

Clean the table of your life in one go.

How wonderful it is to feel how life flows so harmoniously! And knowing that I am the only one who can allow or not to allow events to bother me! Of course, we all go through difficult situations and unwanted challenges: situations in which we have lost, or have a sick family member, or economic problems or just a headache. This is what I call "my dump" here. And as easily as drinking soap and … [Read more...]